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This is the Killer iPhone Camera Lens Kit You've Been Waiting For - The Manual

Bulky digital cameras are fast becoming a thing of the past. Smartphones ushered in this latest generation of “prosumer” — that’s somewhere between consumer and professional — photography. While smartphone cameras aren’t yet up to par with their DSLR counterparts, they’re getting there. Thanks to clever, add-on lens kits like the latest from ($80; pictured below) is ideal for iPhone SE owners... via www.themanual.com

FAQ: What is a Medium Format Camera? - Adorama

“Medium format” has become a somewhat obscure term in the modern photography community following the rise of digital cameras. Back when film reigned supreme, there were a wide variety of film formats that could be used with different analog cameras, including medium format and the popular 135 film frame (36x24mm)—commonly referred to as the “full-frame” format in digital SLRs and mirrorless...

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Deep Learning Can Now Flawlessly Correct Photos Taken in Almost Complete Darkness - Gizmodo

There are typically two approaches to taking usable photos in low-light conditions. You can either use a slow shutter, which requires a tripod to eliminate blur, or electronically increase the sensitivity of a camera’s sensor, which introduces ugly noise artifacts. But there’s now a third approach that takes advantage of machine learning to artificially boost the brightness of a dark photo...

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Machine Learning Works Wonders On Low-Light Images - ExtremeTech

It’s no secret that smartphone SoCs don’t scale as well as they once did, and the overall rate of performance improvement in phones and tablets has slowed dramatically. One area where companies are still delivering significant improvements, however, is cameras. While this obviously varies depending on your manufacturer, companies like Samsung, LG, and Apple continue to deliver year-on-year...

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Best WiFi SD Card for Storing Your Memories in 2018 - TechnoStalls

SD cards are large saviors for those whose devices include a limited storage capability. Digital cameras, professional DSLRs, smartphones can now use these very small storage homes to enlarge their memories and have to save an increasing number of data. As unbelievable as it may sound, these cards come with capacities such as 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, which can be fairly large functionality...

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