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Nikon to focus on smartphone users to capture DSLR market - Hindu Business Line

Television commercials of all major smartphone firms proclaim the camera capabilities of their devices, making you believe that it’s all you need to capture your precious moments.

The strategy has worked well as not many people anymore buy standalone cameras . But while the trend has hit the compact camera segment in a big way, Nikon, the largest camera company in the country, is...

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10 Photoshop editing skills every photographer should know - TechRadar

Adobe Photoshop has long been the industry standard image-editing software for photographers. It’s a comprehensive and powerful program, and despite its reputation for being complicated it can actually be used with relative ease by photographers of all ability levels.

The possibilities it opens up are almost endless; from basic adjustments to high-end retouching to creating surreal...

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'Twin Peaks: The Return': Even David Lynch's Cinematographer Can't Explain What It All Means - IndieWire

Peter Deming is at a slight disadvantage when talking about “ Twin Peaks: The Return ” compared to most other cinematographers discussing their latest work. He’s only familiar with the project as one long feature film, having gone into production with a 500-plus page script that didn’t have episode breaks, rather than the 18 episodes that Showtime aired this year.

“We also shot it...

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GoPro Hero 6 Black shoots faster 4K video than your DSLR - TechRadar

GoPro has announced the Hero 6 Black as its latest flagship action camera, and as we predicted – and as was rumored – it can shoot at 4K resolutions at a silky-smooth 60fps.

While many cameras can shoot at Ultra HD resolutions (3840 x 2160), ones that can do so at a high frame rate of 60fps are few and far between. The fact that some massive DSLRs, like the Canon 5D Mark IV and Nikon...

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