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Give Your iPhone DSLR-Like Ergonomics with the Miggö Pictar - Fstoppers

When I travel, I tend to leave my DSLR at home most of the time and just rely on my iPhone for photography. In my search for the best accessories that could help make my iphonography better, I stumbled upon Pictar. Designed by Miggö, Pictar is a grip meant to offer you DSLR like ergonomics for iPhone and Android devices. I got one to review for you and here are my thoughts.


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Common DSLR jargon simplified to help you with better photography - The Indian Express

Smartphone cameras have improved over the past few years and with technology advancing at a fast pace, we now get some enriched high-quality images. A mix of hardware and software ingredients offer DSLR like features, for instance, manual mode to adjust ISO, aperture, exposure, stabilisation etc. The gap between smartphone camera and DSLR is said to be narrowing but let’s just accept the...

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Best DSLR Camera Comparison - 3D Insider

Understanding the Specs to Capture Quality Images

While it’s handy to know a camera’s megapixels, this spec is a bit overrated. Your first consideration should be sensor size. The greater it is, the higher an image’s depth of field and the higher the level of detail. Full-frame sensors are the biggest and considered the professional standard. A bit smaller are APS sensors, followed...

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What I Tell My Friends Who Ask Me What Digital Camera to Buy - New York Magazine

If you want a great digital camera that more than meets the needs of the amateur-but-dedicated photographer, then the Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera is the way to go. This device works great in the bright light of day or the lower light of evening or interiors, it has a high-quality 24-megapixel sensor, a lens with zoom range between 16 and 50 millimeters, and superfast...

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Canon EOS M50: First impressions - Digit

Canon has come to be synonymous with DSLR cameras, covering the entire gamut of entry-level to super professional. For some reason, one still doesn’t think of them as the makers of Mirrorless cameras , even though they already have three distinct mirrorless cameras on sale in the market right now. Today, they added the EOS M50 to their portfolio, a very consumer-focused product that brings...

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