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The Best Digital Cameras of 2018 - PCMag India

Putting Smartphones to Shame

If you're feeling limited by what your point-and-shoot can do, there are plenty of reasons to consider an interchangable lens camera, whether it be a traditional DSLR or a more modern mirrorless camera. These advanced shooters feature larger image sensors, superior optics, robust manual controls, faster performance, and the versatility of changeable...

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Rode VideoMic Pro+ review - Digital Trends

The windshield has been redesigned with a larger, “optimized” shape, which makes the VideoMic Pro+ less compact than its predecessors, but it still works well as an on-camera mic. What’s more, we noticed minimal wind noise throughout our test, even in breezy situations. If the larger windshield of the VideoMic Pro+ still isn’t quiet enough for your needs, Rode does offer a dead cat...

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Stacked sensors could mean faster autofocus, better video, patent suggests - Digital Trends

Sony’s stacked sensors are giving cameras an edge in speed but Canon thinks it can take that idea even further. In a patent published on December 21 , Canon describes a layered CMOS sensor that uses a second chip for autofocus in order to improve the camera’s performance.

A stacked sensor dedicates a layer to collect the image data and a layer dedicated to processing that data,...

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Huawei aims to ride tech wave to No 1 brand status in Thailand within 3 years - The Nation

Richard Yu, chief executive officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group, said that the firm provides Huawei smartphones as a premium brand to cover mid-tier and the high-end global market. The firm’s new intelligence phone will bring together artificial intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR). With the AR technology, the future phone will be...

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Snap the best picture you can by mastering the Xiaomi Mi A1's camera - Digital Trends

The camera provides some advice on how to set up the picture. For example it will warn you if it’s too dark, or if you need to move further away from your subject. It’s also important to tap on the subject you want in focus, this helps the camera capture the shot you want. Don’t forget, you can use the filters in portrait mode. These can be accessed using the Filter button to the left of...

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