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Oxford Student Wins Prize For Photo Of Atom Taken With DSLR Camera - HuffPost

The researcher first turned the atom of strontium, the 38th element on the periodic table, into an ion ― an atom with a positive or negative net electric charge. Nadlinger then used currents that four needle-shaped electrodes emitted to isolate and suspend the ion. He illuminated it with a blue-violet colored laser and took the photo through the window of a vacuum chamber, using an exposure...

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Film vs. Digital: Can YOU Tell the Difference? - PetaPixel (blog)

So, on the high end, we found that the film held up exceptionally well. We overexposed by 5 stops and the images look good enough to deliver to the client. The Nikon images seem to hit a wall at 3 over but did well on the low end. You could still use images down to four stops underexposed.

If you were a hybrid shooter, your best plan of action would be to shoot some film for...

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Western Digital's experimental NVMe-linked SD card could be world's fastest - TechRepublic

  • Western Digital has built a concept NVMe capable SD card, which is faster than the fastest available SD cards on the market.
  • The company also unveiled PCIe-linked M.2 drives in 2230 and 2242 lengths, which appear to be the first such drives.

Western Digital demonstrated a proof-of-concept NVM Express (NVMe) capable SD card at the 2018 Mobile...

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Clicking with vintage cameras [NSTTV] - New Straits Times Online

Image’ conscious: Pre-loved vintage camera and photography aficionado Nazirul Asyraf uses Carousell to ‘click’ with like-minded hobbyists.

AS he was talking to me, Mohd Nazirul Asyraf Mohd Kasim’s phone kept beeping. A message from his online trading platform popped up, showing a potential buyer was interested in a vintage camera he...

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Sony's 'entry-level' A7 III full-frame camera is anything but basic - Digital Trends

Calling it a redefinition of “the basic model,” Sony unveiled the A7 III on February 26. The $2,000 camera is the new entry-level full-frame model in Sony’s mirrorless lineup, and features a newly developed 24-megapixel, backside-illuminated (BSI) sensor which promises improved noise levels and dynamic range. It also boasts 4K video, 10-frames-per-second burst shooting, and the same...

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