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Smart doorbells and Apple HomeKit are not compatible, at least for now - Digital Trends

Doorbells are not coming to Apple HomeKit anytime soon. At least, that seems to be what its Home Accessories listing suggests, now that Apple has purged all mentions of HomeKit-enabled doorbells. As 9to5mac reported , the page once listed the August Doorbell Cam, among others, as “coming soon.” Now, it seems that they are not coming at all.

For many smart doorbell makers , the idea...

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Why has Apple removed doorbells from HomeKit compatibility list? - Gearbrain

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Wirecutter's best deals: Save $50 on Beats Solo3 Bluetooth headphones - Engadget

Beats Solo3 Bluetooth Headphones

Street price: $200; deal price: $150

Available in Asphalt Gray, these Bluetooth headphones, part of the Beats Neighborhood collection, are down to $150 from a typical street price closer to $200. The Beats Solo3, while not a pick in our guide to the best Bluetooth headphones, were headphones we liked but found...

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Buying a Used or Refurbished Phone? Here's Everything You Need to Know - Gadget Hacks

You can feel it in your bones. You may die if you don't get this phone. There's just one problem — the price. Suddenly, you come across what seems like manna from heaven. That very device, at a deeply discounted rate, can be yours.

The only thing that makes you pause is that some of the wording you are seeing makes you feel uncertain. Terms like "pre-owned," "certified,"...

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Apple removes entire doorbell category from HomeKit accessory list - 9to5Mac

As mentioned, the HomeKit doorbell situation has been mired for sometime with empty promises and delays. This is an unfortunate weak spot in the Apple smart home offering which has otherwise expanded significantly in recent months. Apple has announced several initiatives that enable accessory manufacturers to get HomeKit gear certified more easily and more quickly.

It is unlikely...

via 9to5mac.com

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