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Braille bills to visual interpreters – how tech assists the blind - BT.com

Nearly 30 years ago, BT introduced the first braille telephone bills for blind customers, making it much easier for those with sight disabilities to understand their monthly rates.

At the same time, BT also made it possible to order bills with large print as an aid to partially sighted customers – the Royal National Institute for the Blind helped with both of these steps.


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Så mycket elbil får du för ditt basbelopp - Ny Teknik

Eldrift är framtiden – och miljösamvetet tillsammans med låga driftskostnader lockar många. Men hur många basbelopp krävs för att få byta pumpen mot sladd? Kolla in vår genomgång här nedan

Under årets första kvartal nyregistrerades 745 elbilar i Sverige. Tesla är den givna rubrikmakaren, men det är inte märket som säljer bäst. Nej, världens mest sålda elbil tar även...

via allatjanstebilar.nyteknik.se

Open data: Government to establish a 'National Data Commissioner' - Computerworld Australia

A new position of the ‘National Data Commissioner’ will be established as part of a $65 million, four-year open data push by the federal government.

The creation of the new position is part of the government’s response to the Productivity Commission inquiry into the availability and use of public and private data by individuals and organisations .

The government in November...

via www.computerworld.com.au

Vic government puts $17.6 million towards cyber security strategy - Computerworld Australia

The Victorian government’s 2018-19 budget includes $17.6 million over four years for the state’s first cyber security strategy.

“Funding will be provided to implement the Government’s cyber security strategy to improve detection and prevention capabilities, and responses to cyber-attacks on Victorian Government IT systems,” budget documents state.

“This funding will...

via www.computerworld.com.au

Govt review: auDA needs to fix its problems — or else - Computerworld Australia

The government has called for significant changes to .au Domain Administration (auDA) — and says that in the absence of reform it will seek expressions of interest from other organisations for the management of Australia’s top-level .au domain.

Communications minister Senator Mitch Fifield said that there is a pressing need for reforms to auDA. In a statement he said the government...

via www.computerworld.com.au

Latest News

  • CNET

    Our favorite shelter & appliance value deals for Black Friday, 2016

    CNET - 11/16/16

    Wink relay acts as a hub and doubles as a divider switch. On Black Friday, you can get it from Amazon for 70 $. $100.--is normally. Wink also discounting even a starter kit with the Hub to Wink and a couple of regular GE smart bulbs on Wink.com.

  • 9 to 5 Mac 9 to 5 Mac

    August, Canaries, Withings, D-Vinculum, link & others confirm Apple support HomeKit coming w/iOS 10

    9 to 5 Mac - 06/20/16

    It wasn't too eat one's heart out ago that I was recommending the average person stay away invest in HomeKit until Apple home automation platform matures to get full support for Apple devices and accessories from the creators themselves. I.e.

  • GQ Magazine GQ Magazine

    Cam Newton steps Out of a fall away bigger, stronger and brighter clothes

    GQ Magazine - 08/15/16

    Basically the end is to dress more like Cam Newton, the man who wore skintight Versace Zebra-print pants for the infamously effin ' Super Bowl. When selecting accessories, delete the parley "or" from your vocabulary style — you should just think "it.

  • LetsGoDigital LetsGoDigital

    FDR-Sony 4 k X3000R Performance Camera

    LetsGoDigital - 09/18/16

    The FDR-X3000R Sony Liveliness Cam is powered by the same BIONZ processor X which can be found within General of Sony Alpha flagships and optimized for use in Action Camera. Also offers a built-in tripod socket, giving you the flexibility to unite to a

  • LetsGoDigital LetsGoDigital

    Rollei ePano Selfie aide

    LetsGoDigital - 09/22/16

    Thanks to its compacted design and light weight (weight 100 g) the Rollei ePano Selfie is ideal for travel or get to concerts to record your favorite bands. It has a long battery soul, lasting up to 3 hours when working on an ongoing basis or up to 5 hours


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