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GoPro (GPRO) Stock Plummets on Weak Sales, Horrible Guidance - Yahoo Finance

GoPro, Inc. Price, Consensus and EPS Surprise | GoPro, Inc. Quote

GoPro, Inc. engages in producing wearable HD camcorders, known as action cameras and related accessories. It also curates videos shot on its cameras and broadcasts those videos on its own channel on YouTube, Xbox Live and Virgin Atlantic flights. The company offers HERO line of cameras, premium accessories, mounts...

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Weber Master-Touch - TrustedReviews

What is the Weber Master-Touch?

The Weber MasterTouch is a kettle-style barbecue with some nice modern touches. There are special charcoal baskets at each side for indirect cooking and a grille that folds up to offer access to them.

You can also lift up a circle in the centre of the grille and add foodie accessories such as a wok, griddle, pizza stone, poultry roaster,...

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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro hands-on - TrustedReviews

The biggest difference between the two is a new focus on swimming. The Fit 2 Pro is rated 5 ATM for water-resistance, meaning it’ll withstand depths of 50m and won’t be damaged after long sessions in the pool. To complement this, Samsung has upgraded its S Health app with a dedicated swimming section and partnered with Speedo to build a bespoke app. This app not only tracks your lengths,... via www.trustedreviews.com

Sage Fast Slow Pro - TrustedReviews

What is the Fast Slow Pro?

Part pressure cooker, part slow cooker and all-round kitchen helper, the Fast Slow Pro will revolutionise mealtimes. Not only can it create speedy stews and perfect slow-cooked pot roasts, its programme options include everything from Bolognese and lamb shanks to steamed puddings, rice, veg and risotto.

Its biggest appeal, however, is its...

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JBL SoundBoost Moto Mod - TrustedReviews

What is the JBL SoundBoost?

The SoundBoost is what the Moto Mod concept was made for. It takes a perennial weakness of today’s smartphones – crappy speakers – and eliminates it with a snap and a click.

It’s an expensive addition to your Moto Z phone, but of all the mods Motorola has made available so far, it’s by far the most useful.

JBL SoundBoost –...

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Latest News

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    Our favorite shelter & appliance value deals for Black Friday, 2016

    CNET - 11/16/16

    Wink relay acts as a hub and doubles as a divider switch. On Black Friday, you can get it from Amazon for 70 $. $100.--is normally. Wink also discounting even a starter kit with the Hub to Wink and a couple of regular GE smart bulbs on Wink.com.

  • 9 to 5 Mac 9 to 5 Mac

    August, Canaries, Withings, D-Vinculum, link & others confirm Apple support HomeKit coming w/iOS 10

    9 to 5 Mac - 06/20/16

    It wasn't too eat one's heart out ago that I was recommending the average person stay away invest in HomeKit until Apple home automation platform matures to get full support for Apple devices and accessories from the creators themselves. I.e.

  • GQ Magazine GQ Magazine

    Cam Newton steps Out of a fall away bigger, stronger and brighter clothes

    GQ Magazine - 08/15/16

    Basically the end is to dress more like Cam Newton, the man who wore skintight Versace Zebra-print pants for the infamously effin ' Super Bowl. When selecting accessories, delete the parley "or" from your vocabulary style — you should just think "it.

  • LetsGoDigital LetsGoDigital

    FDR-Sony 4 k X3000R Performance Camera

    LetsGoDigital - 09/18/16

    The FDR-X3000R Sony Liveliness Cam is powered by the same BIONZ processor X which can be found within General of Sony Alpha flagships and optimized for use in Action Camera. Also offers a built-in tripod socket, giving you the flexibility to unite to a

  • LetsGoDigital LetsGoDigital

    Rollei ePano Selfie aide

    LetsGoDigital - 09/22/16

    Thanks to its compacted design and light weight (weight 100 g) the Rollei ePano Selfie is ideal for travel or get to concerts to record your favorite bands. It has a long battery soul, lasting up to 3 hours when working on an ongoing basis or up to 5 hours


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