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How to check your PC's CPU temperature - PCWorld

Is your computer’s CPU too hot? If your PC starts spontaneously shutting down, locking up, or acting sluggish during intense tasks, overheating could be the issue. Keeping tabs on your CPU temperatures is crucial when you’re overclocking your PC’s processor , too—you don’t want to accidentally push the performance pedal too far to the metal.

Bizarrely, Windows doesn’t offer...

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Lake Erie's breathtaking 'liquid mountains' captured in photos - ABC News

The cold and windy days of late autumn and winter transform the Great Lakes into what Canadian photographer Dave Sanford calls "wickedly wild and treacherous bodies of waters."

Sandford has worked to capture the ocean-like waves created by winter storms in Lake Erie in his photo series "Liquid Mountains." Sandford began the series in 2015 and, when conditions are right, he continues...

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NASA's Cassini spacecraft found a remarkable similarity between Earth and Saturn's moon Titan - BGR

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft went on a long and treacherous mission that ended last year in spectacular fashion. The large space explorer dove into Saturn’s atmosphere, exploded into flames, and then disintegrated into nothing. It might seem like a harrowing end, but this was actually NASA’s plan all along. Cassini ventured out into space with the final goal of capturing data from around...

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“Shocking” data-breach volumes only hint at the true magnitude of Australia's data insecurity - CSO Australia

Revelations about the rate at which Australian companies are being compromised were “shocking”, a security specialist has warned in the wake of new breach analysis figures suggesting that most global incidents involve identity theft and are perpetrated by malicious outsiders.

A total of 2.6 billion data records were stolen, lost, or exposed around the world last year, according to...

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The Best of CES 2018 - PCMag

After 51 years, CES in Las Vegas still manages to pack some surprises. No, I'm not talking about the rain that caused crazy floods or the two-hour blackout in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. I'm talking about 65-inch rollable OLED displays, robotic dogs, and $4,000 treadmills that deliver live workout classes on HD screens.

There were plenty of less...

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