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IPS vs TN: Screen technologies explained and which is best for gaming? - TrustedReviews

IPS, TN or VA: What’s best and why? We explain how screen technologies work, and the characteristics to look out for.

PC monitors and laptop screens come in all manner of shapes and sizes, but at their heart nearly all have one thing in common: an LCD panel. But not all LCDs are created equal. Some are better for gaming, some offer better contrast and some produce...

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Kawasaki Vulcan 650 S teased before launch - Autocar India

Kawasaki’s new teaser image on its official India website clearly lets us know of the company’s plans to enter the Indian cruiser segment with the Vulcan S. This parallel-twin-engine cruiser will go head-on against Harley-Davidson’s Street 750/Street Rod and Royal Enfield’s upcoming 650cc Interceptor; but the Enfield will be priced considerably lower. The Vulcan S should be priced...

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2017 Kawasaki Versys-X 300 review, test ride - Autocar India

Kawasaki has made an admirable attempt at making the X 300 a substantial-looking motorcycle. The result is a handsome machine that looks modern and purposeful yet uncomplicated. It does appear to be quite a tall motorcycle, and this impression is amplified by its high-perched fixed windscreen and a rakish tail section as well as the 180mm of ground clearance it offers. The X 300 employs... via www.autocarindia.com

The Photography Show reveals its Live Stage line-up for 2018 - Camera Jabber (press release) (blog)

Organisers at The Photography Show have revealed their line-up of photographers on the show’s Live Stage in 2018.

Among the scheduled speakers are Tina Eisen, who will be demonstrating how to light and shoot beauty portraits, and David Lund, who will explain how to capture images of liquid in motion.

Jakob Gronkjaer will take things a step further and show photographers how...

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You might need to stop using your glittery iPhone case right now - Digital Trends

If you drop your smartphone, you’ll be darn keen for its case to do exactly what it’s supposed to do and protect your handset from the impact. Suffering a burn when you go to pick it up will be the last thing you expect. But this is precisely what’s been happening to a number of unlucky people using an iPhone case made by tech accessories outfit MixBin, which is now recalling hundreds of...

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