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In Past Tense: The story of Paul's phones - GSMArena.com

In Past Tense is our series of articles in which GSMArena veterans take you on a nostalgia-infused ride through the years.

Hi, I'm Paul, the veteran here at GSMArena Towers and my journey takes us on a slightly longer track when compared to previous installments in this series.

Before owning my first mobile phone I had access to one through the UK company I...

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Panasonic announces two new 4K camcorders and a Full-HD flagship camcorder to meet the needs of all levels of ... - PR Newswire (press release)

Panasonic announces two new 4K camcorders and a Full-HD flagship camcorder to meet the needs of all levels of video enthusiast

- HC-WXF1K Premium Model 4K Camcorder features professional-level functionality including EVF and Manual Ring Operation

- HC-VX1K provides performance without compromise with 4K picture quality and new 4K cropping functions


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Panasonic reveals four new 4K TVs to expand 2018 range beyond OLEDs - TrustedReviews

First up is the Panasonic FX750 (FX780 in Europe), which is pictured above. It sits directly below the Panasonic FZ950 and FZ800 OLEDs, and aims to be the pinnacle of 4K and HDR on an LED screen. It shares the premium OLED models’ Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX) processor, which has been tuned with the approval of professional studio colourists. One step down is the Panasonic FX740 (above),... via www.trustedreviews.com

Global Consumer Electronics Market Outlook Analysis Report on Mounting Demand, Geography and Technological ... - Facts of Week

A new research by MarketResearch.Biz on Consumer Electronics gives complete guidance which provides the most recent Consumer Electronics market patterns like market development openings, size, share and drivers. This Consumer Electronics market report offers the realistic view based on key vendors, region-wise market and sales revenue. Consumer Electronics is predicted to...

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Panasonic FX750: Our first look at the potential new LCD champion - TrustedReviews

An opening look at the Panasonic FX750

Panasonic undoubtedly now sees OLED rather than LCD as the ‘go to’ technology for its premium TVs.

That’s not to say that the brand has abandoned LED LCD . On the contrary, the new Panasonic FX750 series (FX780 outside the UK) is as innovative as it is beautiful. It combines a striking new design with plenty of...

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