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TWICE Picks Award Winner: Coretech 3D (Canada), Polaroid Nano - Twice

Boasting a compact sleek design, the Polaroid Nano 3D printer is the ideal printer for the at-home user. With a 10.6”x10.6”x10.6” footprint, the device offers a print size of 4.7”x4.7”x4.7”. Users can easily control the Polaroid Nano 3D printer via an iOS or Android mobile app and track progress with color-coded lights. The printer uses popular 1.75mm filament and has a printing layer...

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Amazon is giving away 3 months of Music Unlimited for just 99p - TrustedReviews

But the massive three-month discount appears to be a move by Amazon to attract people to sign up to Music Unlimited, giving the 40 million plus songs it has on offer a whirl.

  • BUY NOW: Amazon Music Unlimited 3 month membership for iust 99p

Music Unlimited also has a few extras in the mix, including the ability to download songs to listen to while...

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Polaroid Cube review - Digital Trends

When you think of the best action cameras , Polaroid might not be the first name that comes in mind. However, the company (which is mainly a licensee) does have a series of them designed for the budget user. The $99 Polaroid Cube , released in late 2014, takes an entirely different approach by using a concept that’s more lifelogging camera than action cam. It’s small, cute, and dead simple...

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Tips for photographing the total solar eclipse - The Verge

I've never been a big fan of astronomical events: there are just too many meteor showers or planet transits to keep up with, and a slightly larger Moon just doesn't do much for me. But I have completely shed my cynical attitude regarding the upcoming total solar eclipse. The more I learn about it, the more excited I am to see it — and to photograph it. I'll be heading down to Nashville,...

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Polaroid ModelSmart 250S - TrustedReviews

What is the Polaroid ModelSmart 250S?

The ModelSmart 250S is Polaroid’s first foray into the world of 3D printing. It’s a large consumer FDM (fused deposition modelling) printer that aims to be hassle-free and home-friendly, thanks to reliable, super-quiet operation.

It also has a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve. A built-in webcam enables you to live stream ongoing...

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