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Vidbox Video Conversion for Mac review: Preserve analog video memories with ease - Macworld

Vidbox Video Conversion for Mac ($70 on Amazon makes capturing footage from old VHS, S-VHS, 8mm, and Betamax players as easy as digitizing home videos shot during the Mini-DV era. That’s because the package includes a small box and with a three-foot RCA cable for capturing video and stereo audio. (Higher quality S-Video is also supported, but you’ll have to supply the cable.)


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Mohu Launches Blade HDTV Bar Antenna - Twice

Mohu unveiled its newest antenna for cord cutters: the Blade.

Part of the company’s Modern series, the multi-directional Blade is both indoor and outdoor compatible and leverages a FirstStage technology amplifier to deliver a 40-mile reception range. It picks up over-the-air channels in uncompressed HD, up to 1080 HD, and is future-proofed 4K ready, said the company.

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Bill Thiele Joins Display-Vu To Lead RCA TV Re-Launch - Twice

He will be tasked with leading the domestic re-launch of RCA TVs, now that RCA licensor Technicolor ended its relationship with Activeon and broadened its partnership with Curtis. The Canadian company currently sells RCA TVs north of the border, and is also licensed by RCA Trademark Management SAS, Technicolor’s administrator, to offer RCA branded mobile devices and majaps, as well as CE...

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How to convert VHS to digital - Tech Advisor

Most people will want to go down the cheaper route. One option is a VHS/DVD combo player (again widely available new and second hand, even though they're largely obsolete) since most of these will let you record from VHS directly to a DVD (which can then be 'ripped' to a digital file on your laptop if that's what you want).

A similar solution is to connect the video output on a VHS...

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Best DJ Turntables - Adorama

Due to the digitization of music, analog equipment for music mixing and production has seen less use (and sales) compared to their digitally capable counterparts over the past few years. This includes the DJ turntable, which has become somewhat unnecessary in this new world of laptops and controllers. But in the eyes of a purist, having the ability to use a turntable and scratch and mix by...

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