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RED is Talking With Foxconn – Are we Ready For Affordable 8K Cinema Cameras? - cinema5D news

Author of this post: Yossy Mendelovich

Yossy is a filmmaker and lecturer specializes in action sport and documentary films. Yossy is the founder of filmmaking academic program - "The Art of Independent Filmmaking", which is focused on the complex integration of cinematography, editing, color grading, sound design and music composition.

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Ahmad Al Morsy Conducts an Advanced Workshop Organized by Cairo Media School - Al-Bawaba

The workshop is sponsored by Advanced Media Trading LLC that provides RED cameras to the workshop, in collaboration with RED Digital Cinema. This workshop marks the second collaboration between Al Morsy and the companies since the last workshop last November. Through the workshop, Al Morsy reviews the different types of cameras, lighting and lenses, and the best way to cooperate with directors,... via www.albawaba.com

Sony Announces a New Back Illuminated Global Shutter CMOS Sensor - cinema5D news

“The new Sony sensor comes with newly developed low ­current, compact A/D converters positioned beneath each pixel. These A/D converters instantly convert the analog signal from all the simultaneously exposed pixels in parallel to a digital signal to temporarily store it in digital memory. This architecture eliminates focal distortion due to readout time shift, making it possible to provide a... via www.cinema5d.com

Coca-Cola and Regal Films Program Announce New Fan Favorite Award - Business Wire (press release)

The Coca-Cola and Regal Films program partnered with Universal Pictures’ Blockers to introduce the new fan vote during the Empowering Women in Filmmaking live discussion and at the film’s after screening party at the Twitter House. Every time someone shares their favorite film via Twitter they are supporting student filmmakers and that share counts as a vote.


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Regal, Coca-Cola and Universal Pictures' Blockers Partner to Kick Off Fan Voting at Empowering Women in ... - MUSE

Coca-Cola and Regal Films annual student filmmaking program announced a new Fan Favorite Award. The Award is part of the new voting process and will support the next generation of filmmakers through social sharing. All five finalists will be featured online.

The Coca-Cola and Regal Films program partnered with Universal Pictures’ Blockers to introduce the new fan vote...

via www.socalmuse.com

Latest News

  • Screen Africa (press release)

    RED Digital Cinema announces RED EPIC-W and new WEAPON cameras

    Screen Africa (press release) - 10/12/16

    RED Digital Cinema will as of October begin shipping two new cameras: the RED EPIC-W and the newest WEAPON. Both cameras character the compact and intuitive design of the DSMC2™ form factor as well as the new HELIUM™ 8K S35 sensor. HELIUM 

  • Broadcasting & Cable Broadcasting & Cable

    Sum SWX Charges Up New Products at NAB NY 2016

    Broadcasting & Cable - 11/01/16

    They are clever of powering RED®, ARRI ALEXA Mini® and similar digital cameras, handling draws of up to 148Wh (10A) without deterioration in service life or operability. An LED backlit runtime LCD on the face of the HC8 battery pack lets users

  • Screen Africa (press release)

    Red Digital Cinema brings new cameras to CABSAT 2016

    Screen Africa (press release) - 03/03/16

    All of RED's DSMC2 cameras tender image quality, massive dynamic range and shoot simultaneous Redcode® Raw and Apple ProRes recording with Avid support coming soon. Additionally, Red's DSMC2 cameras weigh less than two kilograms, and adhere 

  • Below the Line Below the Line

    RED Digital Cinema to Show Unexceptional Line of DSMC2 Cameras at IBC 2016

    Below the Line - 09/06/16

    Those visiting RED's stand can interact with RED's entire line of DSMC2 cameras – RED RAVEN 4.5K, SCARLET-W 5K, WEAPON 6K and WEAPON 8K VV, as well as the limited edition white WEAPON 8K S35 featuring RED's newest sensor, HELIUM. This creates a unparalleled

  • cinema5D news cinema5D news

    New RED Helium 8K Sensor and Michael Bay's Way Camera

    cinema5D news - 07/08/16

    The steam up is lifting on a brand new RED Helium 8K Sensor, this time in a super 35mm format. RED Digital Cinema's CEO, Jarred Land and Chief Design Officer, Matthew Tremblay have released some pictures on popular media of their latest creation for none 


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