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RED's modular Hydrogen One phone looks even crazier in its patent application - The Verge

Last week we learned that RED, a company best known for making high-quality digital cinema cameras, is going to dip into the smartphone market with something called the Hydrogen One . The company announced the phone with a screaming hot price tag of $1,195 and up, but revealed little else aside from a few things: it will offer 3D (and “4D”) visuals and audio that will “ASSAULT YOUR SENSES,”...

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Adorama to Carry RED DIGITAL CINEMA Cameras and Accessories - SHOOT Online (press release)

5K sensor from RED’s line of professional cameras, in addition to a host of accessories specifically for these digital cinema cameras.

“Adorama is privileged to be a new authorized dealer for RED, bringing their world class products to our loyal base of filmmakers. RED is renowned in the filmmaking community for its incredible image quality and ergonomic form factor! Adorama continues to...

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Core SWX Unveils Nano-M Battery for Small Form Cine Cameras - Broadcasting & Cable

this product will withstand the demands of video production."

The Nano-VBR98 is the first battery pack to offer Core's patent-pending SmartTap protocol. This will allow future integration with devices to utilize the smart battery data in the pack, another feature that until now, was only offered in premium brick battery packs.

"We see this product as the start of a new... via www.broadcastingcable.com

RED's Hydrogen One - world's first holographic smartphone - BEAM Media

The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company is an American company that designs and manufactures the high-end digital cinematography and photography cameras and accessories. The company’s headquarters are in Irvine, California, with studios in Hollywood. It has offices in London, Shanghai, and Singapore, retail stores in Hollywood, New York, and Miami, as well as various authorized resellers and...

via beam.land

RED Hydrogen One Android Phone Heading To US Carriers Possibly This Summer - International Business Times

Back in July 2017, cinema camera maker RED announced the Hydrogen One, its very first Android smartphone. Now the company has confirmed that the RED Hydrogen One will be heading to U.S. carriers and will likely be released this summer.

“Carrier support for Hydrogen is unprecedented… we just can’t tell you yet. Safe to say it is as good as it gets. This is great news for many obvious...

via www.ibtimes.com

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