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Toshiba N300 8TB High-Reliability HDD Review - TweakTown

Toshiba is playing a bit of catch up with its hard drive business, bringing its very own NAS brewed solution to the market. The N300 designed from the ground up for NAS use in up to eight-bay systems offers several capacity options for the prospective buyer. At the ground floor, we have 4TB for entry-level consumers, and a step up gives us 6TB. 8TB is the peak capacity at...

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Toshiba announce their latest 10TB surveillance HDD - TweakTown

The new models arrive in up to 10TB, and thanks to higher transfer rates over the MD04ABA-V models, Toshiba says the new drives support up to 64 camera streams. The larger capacity HDDs mixed with the higher speeds on the drive will allow higher resolution surveillance with long-term storage thanks to 10TB models.

Toshiba's new MD06ACA-V is designed for 24/7 streaming...

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Bids for Toshiba chip unit reach $22 billion - TweakTown

A consortium of buyers made up of chip-maker SK Hynix, investment firm Bain Capital, and numerous Japanese investors have raised their bid on Toshiba's storage chip business to 2.4 trillion yen, or $22.3 billion, sources familiar with the matter tell Reuters. Toshiba seeks to sell its storage business in an attempt to plug a massive earnings hole left by its failed Westinghouse...

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Toshiba OCZ TR200 SATA III SSD Review - TweakTown

As a brand, OCZ no longer exists. Toshiba states that going forward their retail SSDs will be sold under the Toshiba brand name, while OCZ will be a sub-series. They further state that all Toshiba retail SSDs will have OCZ performance "DNA" and target the enthusiast and gaming market which includes entry-level DIY system builders and first-time upgraders from HDDs under the same...

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Toshiba to open new chip plant in Japan - TweakTown

Beleaguered tech giant Toshiba is currently negotiating a sale of its Toshiba Memory Corporation chip business for up to $8.8 billion to plug vast losses of revenue , but that hasn't stopped the company from laying plans to open a new fabrication facility in Japan. This new plant, which is planned to go up in Iwate sometime next year, would be the memory-maker's...

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