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Toshiba 49U6763DB - TrustedReviews

What is the Toshiba 49U6763DB?

While the Toshiba 49U6763DB is the first television bearing the Japanese brand’s name to grace UK shores for three years, it’s not actually a full-blooded Toshiba TV. The brand name in Europe was sold to Turkish LCD manufacturer Vestel, and the 49U6763DB is the first fruit of that ‘union’.

Although the 49-inch, 4K-resolution 49U6763DB is...

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Sharp Considers Purchase Of Toshiba's PC Business - Twice

Sharp is reportedly considering a bid to purchase Toshiba's money-losing personal computer business, aiming to get back into the PC market with help from Apple assembler and Taiwanese parent Foxconn.

"Toshiba, which says it expects PC losses to deepen in fiscal 2017, has been considering jettisoning the business even while working to turn it around. Toshiba...

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5 best Chromebooks - The Independent

The Asus C302 is easily one of the best Chromebooks you can buy, and it doesn’t come at an eye watering price.

£499 is obviously still a fair wad of your hard earned money, but the flip functionality, full HD screen and minimally styled design aesthetics make for a laptop that’s lovely to use for extended periods of time.

There’s also an excellent battery housed...

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Toshiba takes another crack at OLED TVs, remembers the HDR this time - TrustedReviews

Toshiba has announced its 2018 range of televisions, and there are a couple of things to be excited about in here.

First up is the fact that its X98 OLED TV (first teased at IFA 2017) will actually support HDR this time around – a really unfortunate omission last year. Impressively this HDR support descends down the entire Ultra HD range, the U78 and T68 series.

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Sharp gets back into PCs with $36M Toshiba deal - ARNnet

Sharp has confirmed it will buy Toshiba’s personal computer business for four billion yen (US$36 million), highlighting its recovery under the control of Foxconn and marking a return to a business it quit eight years ago.

Sharp was once known as a major supplier of high-end TVs and smartphone displays but struggled to compete with Asian rivals and was bought by Taiwan's Foxconn, or...

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