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6 accessories that make the iPhone an even better video camera - Macworld

You already know that your iPhone can create great-looking video right out of the box. But how do you take your game to the next level? Besides always shooting in landscape mode, you can invest in a number of hardware accessories that will both supercharge your creativity as well as mitigate some of the problems that plague everyday iPhone videos.

Some of the hardware below applies...

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Photographing the solar eclipse? Here are the accessories you'll need - USA TODAY

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. — The biggest photo event of the year is coming Aug. 21, and if you want to capture the total solar eclipse, you’ll want to stock up on some accessories and prepare to shoot photos and videos differently.

Total eclipses, when the moon aligns between the Earth and the sun, "are a fairly rare phenomenon,” says Brian Valente, an astro-photographer whose...

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How to use Motorola's new Moto 360 camera - The Verge

Motorola has a new Moto 360, and it’s not a smartwatch. This time, it’s a Moto Mod that records 360-degree video at 4K resolution using two 12-megapixel cameras and captures 3D audio thanks to its four built-in microphones. The “Moto 360 camera” is, if nothing else, one of the more unique mods that Motorola has released in some time; battery packs represent the bulk of snap-on modular...

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This Gaming Phone From Razer Has One Of The Fastest Displays Ever Seen On A Smartphone - Indiatimes.com

Razer is a brand best known for making PC gaming peripherals and accessories, so fans were cautiously optimistic when it announced that it was building a gaming smartphone. Those kinds of devices have never really done well in the past, though that may be about to change.

The company has now unveiled its Razer Phone, which is packing the best display ever seen on a smartphone. It...

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