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Steve Jobs changed the face of Apple and retail forever on May 15, 2001 - AppleInsider

"This is our store," Steve Jobs said, as he introduced the Apple Store for the first time 17 years ago, on May 15, 2001. The Apple Store, Apple's first foray into its own retail stores, opened its first two locations four days later, in Glendale, Calif. and then in Tysons Corner, Va. One AppleInsider staffer was present for the opening of the latter store.

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LifeFlix 2.5 review: Your old Mini-DV camcorder's new best friend - Macworld

With the hard part out of the way, stick a tape in the camcorder, launch LifeFlix, and click the Import button. The software prompts you to enter a unique tape name and optional description; after confirming, the tape conveniently rewinds to the beginning and starts capturing. You’ll see a preview of the video, but LifeFlix thoughtfully mutes incoming audio during capture-a nice feature,...

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Readers' Choice Awards 2018: Digital Cameras and Camcorders - PCMag UK (blog)

Many digital camera advantages apply to video as well as still photography. If you shoot a lot of video, you can still choose from among several camcorders on the market. Action camcorders like those from GoPro will let you shoot videos and photos in conditions to which you'd never want to subject your smartphone. Drones have opened a whole new perspective for photos and videos. It's not...

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AirPods, Apple's vertical integration and the future of wearable AR - AppleInsider

After the commodity consumer tech industry collectively made a huge, wildly premature series of bets on Virtual Reality headgear, it turned out the most commercially successful new product category in Augmented Reality was an audio device for your ears, rather than a way to superimpose graphics on your vision. Here's what's next for AirPods and why Apple's product development —and special event... via appleinsider.com

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