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Say Goodbye to Those Insanely Long Receipts at CVS - Fortune

cvs camera cvscamera camcorder
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Millions of Americans have experienced the following at a CVS: You buy one pack of gum, and the register ends up printing out a two-foot-long receipt filled with coupons.

Don’t worry though: Parent company CVS Health cvs is finally in on the joke. Helena Foulkes, president of CVS/pharmacy, confirmed on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live that the retailer would give its 70 million...

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Cheap kamagra tablets uk - What is kamagra oral jelly review - Cialis cost - The Chicago Monitor

cvs camera hack
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It is with great sadness that I reflect on the passing of Professor Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni, an early supporter of CAIR-Chicago, three-time annual banquet keynote speaker, and honorary chair member, who transitioned at 8:40 am CST Tuesday morning, September 26, 2017, after battling cancer and related complications. Professor Emeritus Cherif Bassiouni stands... Persecuted ethnic minorities... via chicagomonitor.com

Cisco may be killing off Flip, but Pocket Camcorders have come full circle - BetaNews

camera make usb hack camcorder cvs boeke
Photo by boeke on Flickr

Two years after acquiring Pure Digital and its Flip camcorder line for $590 million, Cisco this week announced it is terminating the product line and laying off all 550 employees in the division, a shocking announcement for fans of the iconic pocket camcorder brand.

Flip was responsible for nothing less than inventing the pocket camcorder form factor that dozens of consumer...

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Moog debuts full production model of its Subsequent 37 analog synth - Engadget

cvs camcorder wire
Photo by thepodger on Flickr

The company says this new Subsequent 37 features many of the "sonic modifications and functional improvements" from the Subsequent 37 CV, minus the control voltage outputs and the metal frame. This new unit has wood sides more common to Moog's synth gear and the original Sub 37. Speaking of that elder synth, Moog also announced today that it would be discontinued and the Subsequent 37 would...

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Russian hackers target the US nuclear industry - Engadget

camera make usb hack camcorder cvs boeke
Photo by boeke on Flickr

On one hand, that's good, because it means that there's no obvious, immediate threat to life and limb or the risk of every nuclear reactor suddenly switching itself off. On the other, the hackers reportedly sent malware-laden CVs to key employees who have access to critical nuclear systems. The intention is either to watch those systems for intelligence gathering, or to obtain credentials...

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