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Business rates firms join forces to capitalise on changes - Telegraph.co.uk

cvs camera cvscamera camcorder
Photo by mrbill on Flickr
wo of the UK’s largest business rates advisory firms are to join forces in order to capitalise on recent changes to the system which have affected thousands of property owners.

Toronto-based Altus Group has agreed a deal to buy UK firm CVS for £36.3m, effectively doubling the size of its UK business rates team to more than 400 members of staff.

Earlier this year, hundreds of...

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What happened to tablet sales? - TechCrunch

cvs camera hack
Photo by fuzzz on Flickr

In the past month, both Apple and Samsung have refreshed their flagship tablets for the first time since 2014. A lot has changed in the space in the intervening years — mostly for the worse, as overall sales have continued to slip. In Q4 of last year, IDC reported that shipments had dropped 20 percent, year over year, while Strategic Analytics has the number at half that.


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Russian hackers target the US nuclear industry - Engadget

camera make usb hack camcorder cvs boeke
Photo by boeke on Flickr

On one hand, that's good, because it means that there's no obvious, immediate threat to life and limb or the risk of every nuclear reactor suddenly switching itself off. On the other, the hackers reportedly sent malware-laden CVs to key employees who have access to critical nuclear systems. The intention is either to watch those systems for intelligence gathering, or to obtain credentials...

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Apple continues to dominate the tablet market as sales decline once again - TechCrunch

cvs camcorder wire
Photo by thepodger on Flickr

Bitcoin and crypto aren’t the only things on the decline , sales of tablet devices once again dropped in 2017, according to new data.

Figures from analyst firm IDC show that overall tablet shipments fell by 6.5 percent to 163.5 million units last year. That’s down from 174.9 million in 2016, when the annual decrease was in double digits.

Despite demanding falling overall,...

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Pork pies out as GoPros added to inflation shopping basket - Іnsіdеr Cаr Nеws

camera make usb hack camcorder cvs boeke
Photo by boeke on Flickr

United Kingdom statisticians are whipping the nation's inflation measure into shape, kicking out pork pies and adding women's exercise leggings in their annual review of the basket used to calculate living costs.

The return of mash comes some 30 years after dried mashed potato was removed from the basket, and reflects the growing role of convenience in the fresh produce aisle.


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