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YI 360 VR Camera - PCMag

  • Pros

    Strong 5.7K video quality. Supports 4K live streaming. Works independently of a phone. Standard tripod socket. Reasonable price.

  • Cons

    5.7K video must be stitched using desktop software. Desktop software is Windows only. Not weather resistant. Can overheat at 5.7K.

  • Bottom Line

    The YI 360...

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Rylo - PCMag

  • Pros

    360-degree video capture. Slick software editing solution. Automated stabilization and leveling. Swappable battery.

  • Cons

    Pricey. Finished video could look better. Editing software needs some improvement. Cable required for file transfer to phone. No Android support at launch.

  • Bottom Line...
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Spike Jonze's Favorite Cameras - VICE en_us

For more than 30 years, Spike Jonze has been in the biz of making images. From his street-level skate photography to award-winning music videos from the genre's gilded era and his critically acclaimed feature films, Spike's first job has always been to pick up a camera and provide us with the best look his uncharacteristic vision can find.

And through those trades, Spike's come to...

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The next Residential Electronics Recycling event is May 19th - Smile Politely - Champaign-Urbana's Online Magazine

Here's your next opportunity to safely get rid of all of that electronics junk that takes up space in your closets. TVs, game consoles, camcorders (anyone still have one of those? I do!), even Christmas lights. Choose wisely however, because there is a 10 item limit.

Registration opens April 9th and 8 a.m. and you MUST register to participate. This helps eliminate the long lines of...

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7 Old-School Media Players You Probably Had as a Kid | PCMag.com - PCMag

I suspect that since the invention of the very first record player, kids have been fascinated by technology that lets people play back audio or moving pictures. Even for adults, this tech still seems magical.

But over the decades, kids have also been breaking their parents' turntables, tape decks, and VCRs (as I did to our family's VCR with a static shock when I was a kid—vinyl...

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Latest News

  • TV Technology TV Technology

    FSU Seminole Productions Adds Panasonic VariCam LT 4K

    TV Technology - 10/18/16

    Present capture rates of up to 240 fps, the VariCam LT is a complementary addition to Seminole Production's stock of Panasonic cameras, which include eight AK-HC5000 4X huge-speed cameras, as well as AG-DVX200 4K handheld camcorders and an AW-HE130

  • TV Technology TV Technology

    DRM and the Provoke of Securing Content

    TV Technology - 10/27/16

    There are assorted other ways for pirates to siphon off premium content, including analog recapture via camcorders, use of stream recorders to capture playback streams, or directly hacking take possession of clients. “Forensics and traitor tracing play important roles

  • Greeley Tribune

    The Telly, Oct. 13 on account of Oct. 19, 2016

    Greeley Tribune - 10/13/16

    Jamie Lee Curtis stars in this low-budget but prodigal-quality 1978 horror movie from director John Carpenter. A murderous man returns after 15 years to continue the homicidal rampage he began as a boy. This integument spawned numerous sequels. Donald 

  • Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times

    GoPro unveils its new Karma quadcopter, though restrictions on drones dominate large

    Los Angeles Times - 09/19/16

    GoPro Inc., known for its crude camcorder for outdoor adventurers, has unveiled a compact drone designed to record people's treks from above. The Karma enters the burgeoning call for consumer drones as one of the first models to be more than a toy, 

  • ConsumerReports.org ConsumerReports.org

    Tesla Adding Proviso to Autopilot System, Enhancing Radar Capabilities

    ConsumerReports.org - 09/11/16

    "While they have added additional checks to ratify driver engagement, we are still concerned with the length of time that drivers can take their hands off the wheel or not have their eyes on the road,” said Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports boss of


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