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The importance of dramaturgical design - The Hindu

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Photo by celluloid czarina on Flickr

A man in all-black production attire shoots an audience with a camcorder in an almost lackadaisical manner. The footage is instantaneously projected on a large screen behind, in grainy black and white. There is the slightest of time-lags, and that unavoidable hand-held shakiness. Of course, the video is slightly less fluid than in real life (techies can blame that on the frames per second),...

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Hulu teams up with Blumhouse TV for monthly horror anthology - Looper

camcorder riteaid pv2 puredigital model220
Photo by ptufts on Flickr

Monthly subscriptions can be a real convenient thing. Paper towels, a box of tea, a few tales of ungodly horror—you know, the essentials.

According to a report by Variety , Hulu has teamed up with Blumhouse TV for an unusual, first-of-its-kind production deal, ordering 12 different original horror stories from the company to be released on a one-per-month schedule...

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Artist To Watch: Caroline Rose - Stereogum - Stereogum

Photo by momentimedia on Flickr

It’s slightly ironic that Caroline Rose’s new album LONER begins with a song called “More Of The Same.” If you’re familiar with her last album, 2014’s I Will Not Be Afraid , what will instantly register is how much has changed. Back then New York-based Rose was a full-fledged roots-rocker whose music you might describe as “Americana” or “alt-country,” her distinct point of...

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Crunchyroll - The Crucial Friendships of Cardcaptor Sakura - Crunchyroll News

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Photo by house42 on Flickr

Cardcaptor Sakura , created by the acclaimed CLAMP, is a story about a girl named Sakura and her quest to become the Master of the Clow Cards, magical cards whose power she can call on to do amazing feats of magic. If you aren't familiar with the series, read this article about the story up until the Clear Card Arc before you go any further! The series is famous...

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13 Lesser Known Found Footage Films That Just Might Restore ... - Dread Central

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Photo by Katie Spence on Flickr

Found Footage. ” Are there any two words as polarizing in the horror community? Once the cutting edge of indie horror, now the simple utterance of the words is enough to turn people away at the door. To be fair, it’s not like the genre has been kind to us. For every quality film like The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity , there are dozens of films that can...

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