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OMF - Fauria returns, thanks those who reached out to him ... - WEEI.com

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These Fort Wayne. We're moaning and forty I don't know why Bill Belichick hates you so but nobody got Larry people like bill bill let it go broke but because fresh. What is there won't want to retire so don't get it is there dysfunction in the organization now know. No there's no response no wind zero tension dysfunction is when people take energy. And use it to think about how to undermine... via www.weei.com

Dyson's new Pure Hot + Cold Link Air Purifier removes harmful gases - Digital Trends

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Dyson may be known best for its ability to suck up all the dirt on your floor, but it’s also pretty good at filtering the air in your home, too. Especially now that it’s come out with the newest iteration of its bladeless fan, the Pure Hot + Cold Link Air Purifier . The company, which has been expanding its portfolio beyond vacuums with other appliances like hairdryers and air purifiers,...

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Flip UltraHD Is Pure Digital's Best Pocket Camcorder Yet - Fast Company

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Flip UltraHD Is Pure Digital’s Best Pocket Camcorder Yet

There was nothing wrong with regular camcorders–at least it didn’t seem that way until Pure Digital released the Flip Ultra. Here was a video recorder that solved every problem that you never really knew you had with other camcorders. Like the fact that you forgot to charge your battery most of the time, and usually filmed...

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Why Cisco killed the Flip mini camcorder - CNET

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"We are making key, targeted moves as we align operations in support of our network-centric platform strategy," Cisco CEO John Chambers said in a statement. "As we move forward, our consumer efforts will focus on how we help our enterprise and service provider customers optimize and expand their offerings for consumers, and help ensure the network's ability to deliver on those...

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Cisco buys Flip Video maker for $590 million - CNET News

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Updated 7:46 AM PT with comments from executives at Cisco and Pure Digital.

Cisco Systems, the world's largest maker of switches and routers that power the Internet, has taken another step toward becoming a major player in the consumer electronics market.

On Thursday the company announced it has acquired Pure Digital Technologies , the maker of the popular Flip Video...

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