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Cord Cutting On The Cheap: RCA Roku TVs Now Available - Twice

selfportrait guatemala rca xenijardin xeni smallwonder
Photo by xeni on Flickr

The LED-backlit TVs feature the Roku smart-TV platform, a TV tuner input to receive over-the-air TV channels, and the ability to pause live broadcasts. Consumers can control the TV using the included remote or with their smartphones. Using the iOS or Android app adds the ability to voice search, as well as share videos, music and photos to the TV.

They have 60Hz refresh rates and...

via www.twice.com

Fry's Electronics Now Offering “Cord Cutting” Antop Digital Antennas For Free Local TV - Twice

camera canon virginia smithsonian dulles nikon unitedstates mercury space astronaut nasa hasselblad suit cameras va fairfax apollo digicam spaceshuttle gemini spacesuit camcorder nationalairandspacemuseum cosmonaut dullesairport chantilly airandspacemuseum udvarhazy smithsonianinstitution stevenfudvarhazycenter stevenfudvarhazy eyefi exif:exposure_bias=0ev exif:iso_speed=800 exif:exposure=002sec150 exif:focal_length=18mm exif:aperture=f35 camera:make=nikoncorporation exif:flash=offdidnotfire camera:model=nikond7000 exif:orientation=horizontalnormal exif:vari_program=autoflashoff exif:lens=18200mmf3556 exif:filename=dsc9875jpg exif:shutter_count=11382 meta:exif=1350345851
Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr
As cable TV and satellite prices rise, Fry’s Electronics continues to provide customers with the best low-cost options to enjoy free over-the-air broadcast TV by expanding their antenna offerings to include an entire line-up of new indoor and outdoor ANTOP Digital HDTV Antennas. With a full suite of more than 15 different ANTOP outdoor and indoor over-the-air digital TV antenna models on-shelf,... via www.twice.com

Review: Noontec Hammo TV wireless headphones £119 - Tech Digest

podcasting webinar
Photo by sridgway on Flickr

Noontec is probably not a company most people have ever heard of. However, the Chinese company manufactures a wide range of Bluetooth headphones which are mainly sold via Amazon. Here we look at a pair of headphones that are intended mainly for TV use, perfect if you want to watch TV in bed but your partner wants to go to sleep. Or if you are hard of hearing and struggle with...

via www.techdigest.tv

RCA Launches Set of 4K Roku TV Models - Multichannel News

camera polaroid photography collections instantcamera outdatedcameras
Photo by Jimmy Big Potatoes on Flickr

Gearing up for the holiday buying season, RCA has launched its first lineup of Roku-powered smart TVs that also support 4K resolution.

The top of the line is a 65-inch model with an MSRP of $1,099, and is followed by a 55-inch model for $699.99, and a 50-inch version that costs $599.99.

RCA said the new 4K Roku TV models are being sold at Walmart stores and via the retailing...

via www.multichannel.com

Popular 80s Brands That Have All But Disappeared - TheStreet.com

portrait selfportrait guatemala rca xeni smallwonder
Photo by xeni on Flickr

The "Crash of '87 -- TheStreet Special Report" is a series of stories, videos, graphics and other multimedia elements that look at the stock market crash of 1987, also known as Black Monday. TheStreet examines the cause of the crash, reveals some of the hottest stories of the day, and discovers what could cause a similar crash in the future. How can we prevent another Black Monday? Read...

via www.thestreet.com

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    Vidbox is a separate input, specifically designed for one-way conversion of analog tape to digital signals. It cannot send the output to a television, nor serve as a Mac second display. In addition to VCRs and camcorders, Vidbox can be toughened to

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    A liber veritatis of Hall Of Fame of mentors-resized

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    An vigorous promoter of the RCA brand and its color TV line, Joe knew PR and also knew and respected the role that the press had in covering the business, when the news was good, bad or indifferent. Shared not only knowledge about its products and technology

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    OTT TV devices: studio HDTV RCA amplified Antenna SLIVR Blanket

    Twice - 08/22/16

    Twice title-holder of the VIP 2016! New series RCA SLIVR uses patented technology multi directional reception at the company, allowing it to pick up signals in all 360 degrees there a location. The SLIVR (ANT1560F) has up to 50 miles from the transmission

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    RCA negligible wonder EZ205

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    In the end, however, one enterprise has yet to rise and dominate the YouTube camcorder-quality category. The digital video camera ($ 99 list) continues this trend, the addition of a flip-out LCD blind which is cool, but hardly change the game.

  • Twice Twice

    RCA 4 k Ultra HD tv, bringing Android | Twice

    Twice - 01/22/16

    The triumph 4 k Ultra HD TV and TV Android bearing the name of trademark RCA are coming on the market with the brand's larger screen TV until today to 75 inches,


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