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Best Camera Bags for the Nikon D3400 - iMore (press release) (blog)

canona1 fdmount
Photo by Yumi Abe on Flickr

Looking for a reliable, spacious camera bag that's just as incredible quality wise as it is ratings wise? Then you might want to take a peek at the Kattee Leather Canvas Vintage Camera Bag. This particular camera bag is made completely from canvas that's both durable and protective against the dirty, sludge, and grime of the outside world. It also has plenty of pockets for different Nikon...

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Dagsboro man charged with multiple thefts in Millsboro area - Delmarva Daily Times

Photo by kevin t murray on Flickr
Dagsboro man charged with multiple thefts in Millsboro area A Dagsboro man was charged with multiple thefts from vehicles in the Millsboro area, according to Delaware State Police. Check out this story on delmarvanow.com: https://www.delmarvanow.com/story/news/local/delaware/2018/11/30/dagsboro-man-charged-multiple-thefts-millsboro-area/2161393002/

A Dagsboro man was charged with multiple...

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Top accessories under £250 for Christmas - Amateur Photographer

Photo by Alpat on Flickr

If you’re at all serious about shooting video, then you’ll know that it’s vitally important to record a high-quality soundtrack. To monitor your audio during recording, you’ll need a good pair of headphones. Sony’s XBA-N3 in-ear headphones deliver rich bass and natural sound, with the option to change to a Bluetooth cable for streaming and listening to music wirelessly.

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