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9 home security systems you can install yourself - CNET

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for voice-enabled arming and disarming, as well as other advanced automations. You can add accessories to the system a la carte. Professional monitoring is available for $30 per month and includes cellular backup.

I wish you didn't have to use Abode's web app to make custom rules and automations, but this scalable self-install system delivers reliable performance at a good value.


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Black Friday 2017 Deals: Android Smartphones, TV's, Smart Speakers & More - Android Headlines

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This year Black Friday Deals actually starts on Monday, November 20th. You will be able to find great deals on Smartphones, Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets, Streaming Devices, TVs, Home Theaters, Wearables, Smart Fitness, Gaming VR , Speakers, Audio, Accessories, Home Automation and more. A number of retailers are beginning their Black Friday sales on November 20th and running them through...

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The view from the SF sidewalk - San Francisco Chronicle

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In Berlin, where her sister Mai Linh has lived since 1984, a citizen who “sees a person lying in the street, sleeping or unconscious” and doesn’t help or report it to the police is fined. The term for this is “ unterlassene Hilfeleistung ,” which more or less means “failure to render assistance,” and it is a crime under the German criminal code.


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The 40 best gadgets of 2017 - The Guardian

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While it can’t compete with the monstrous processing power or online multiplayer capacities of its rivals, this modular gaming tablet offers an entirely new approach to video-gaming, merging the Wii and the DS in a convivial hybrid. As testament to its success, more and more non-Nintendo games are being released for the device and video streaming services are coming soon.


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Five ways to reuse your old phone instead of throwing it away - AndroidGuys

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Upgrading your phone can be very exciting. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and the prospect of having a new device, that we completely neglect the old one.

Too often, many of us either end up throwing the old phone away, or leave it in a drawer never to be touched again. We are living in a time where technology is constantly developing, which leads us to...

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