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Should I buy a Canon PowerShot? A look at Canon's compact camera brand - Digital Camera World

camera canon eos xti
Photo by Plastic_Bat on Flickr

Canon is well known for its EOS interchangeable-lens cameras, but it also makes compact, or ‘fixed’ lens cameras for beginners, intermediate users and expert photographers who want a cheaper or more portable camera.

These fall into two main product ranges: Canon’s Ixus model, which are designed as simple, pocket-sized, fashion-conscious snapshot cameras, and the...

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The best Canon telephoto lenses in 2018 - Digital Camera World

canon dslr 600d
Photo by lens-flare.de on Flickr

Canon makes some of the greatest telephoto lenses in the world, but they’re not always the best buys. Competing lenses from independent manufacturers often deliver equally good overall performance and image quality, and sometimes they’re even better.

Third-party lenses can also save you a small fortune. For example, there’s no denying that the new (Generation 2)...

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Bitplay AllClip and Premium HD lenses review - The Gadgeteer

canon fire pentax dslr
Photo by Aleš87 on Flickr

The close-up images that I was able to take with the macro lens are ok, but that’s only because I took them indoors on a flat surface. When I tried to take some pictures of the same shells out on the beach, it was much harder to get the lens correct distance from the subject and with the sun shining, I wasn’t able to see what I was doing on the phone’s display.

M52 CPL...

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Canon EOS R Review: Beautiful Photos, But Mistakes Were Made - Gizmodo

canon mirror dslr selfie
Photo by vandinglewop on Flickr

The Canon 6D was my first grown-up camera, back in 2013. I loved how Canon’s colors looked like the best version of reality, and how sharp its glass was, and the 6D was the most affordable way to get into full-frame photography. As the years went on, though, I came to believe the mirrorless cameras were the way of the future, and Canon was slow to adapt, so I jumped ship for Sony in 2015. I...

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Nauticam Announces Housing for the Canon EOS R - DivePhotoGuide.com

slr canon lens dslr lense
Photo by James F Clay on Flickr

Just over a month since releasing their housing for the Z7 and Z6 , Nikon’s first full-frame mirrorless cameras, Nauticam has unveiled its latest housing —this time for Canon’s first mirrorless full-framer, the EOS R . The EOS R boasts a 30.3MP sensor, Dual Pixel AF, and a native ISO range of 100–40,000.

Nauticam’s NA-R housing shares many of the design principles and...

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