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Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D lens review - Digital Camera World

Our Verdict

Laowa might not be one of the best-known brands out there, but the 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D is a serious, premium-quality lens, both optically and in terms of build quality. Don’t be put off by the manual controls: you’ll adapt surprisingly quickly, and the payback is edge-to-edge sharpness and a distortion-free rendering you’ll rarely see from a lens this wide.

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Canon Kills off Development of at Least One Future DSLR, Could Signal Mirrorless Focus Instead [Rumor] - Fstoppers

I made the jump to Nikon (arrives today) as I didn't see a newer version of the 5Ds coming out anytime soon. The D850 should meet my needs for several years. I think this will allow time for both Nikon and Canon to come out with stronger mirrorless options for a future purchase. I wasn't willing to try the EOS R or the Z7...next round of cameras should be pretty amazing IMO.


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Best wide-angle lenses for Canon in 2018: which one should you buy? - Digital Camera World

The standard zoom lens that you probably bought with your Canon DSLR gives a reasonably wide viewing angle at its shortest focal length, but a wide-angle zoom can really broaden your horizons.

Ultra-wide viewing angles enable you to shoehorn majestic skies and sweeping landscapes into the image frame, while there’s a potentially bigger bonus for indoor photography,...

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The best Wex Photo Video Black Friday deals: great discounts on cameras and accessories - Digital Camera World

Oh, hello. We know exactly why you are here. You want camera and camera accessory deals and you want them now. Well, Wex has got you covered. The camera retailer is always one of the star attractions for Black Friday and this year is of no exception.

Wex has decided to discount many of its products - from filters to lenses to storage. Here's a pick of the best Black Friday camera...

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Canon EOS R Review – Shooting a Mini Documentary in India - cinema5D news

and was the “go to” vacation place for the Brits during the British colonial time. Now, it is a very vivid friendly location with an amazing local cuisine, perfect for people who are visiting India for the first time. It is also the wedding season here in India and thousands of those are taking place every day! I feel truly lucky to have had the opportunity to actively participate in one... via www.cinema5d.com

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