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Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II USM - PCMag

  • Pros

    Lightweight, compact build. Very sharp, even at f/4. Strong optical stabilization. 1:3.7 magnification. L-series quality. Optional tripod collar available.

  • Cons

    Not f/2.8. Some visible distortion. Dimmed corners.

  • Bottom Line

    The Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II USM is a sharp zoom with very...

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OUTTAKES - Quad City Times

Sophia King, 15, of Moline does a cartwheel off of her paddle board during Floatzilla 2018 in Rock Island on Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018. Floatzilla is famed as the Mississippi River's largest festival for paddlers inviting participants from six different launch sites in the Quad-Cities to make the trek to Lake Potter for live music, food, drinks and a world record attempt for the largest raft...

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Camera Deal: Canon EOS 80D DSLR with 18-135mm lens is on sale - Stark Insider

But my favorite feature of the 80D is the Dual Pixel AF. Canon leads everyone ā€” by far ā€” when it comes to reliably snappy video auto-focus and subject tracking. Tap a subject on the LCD and the 80Dā€™s instantly tracks it across the frame. In my experience, DPAF is accurate, and a real life saver in certain scenarios where you need precise focus. One example is shooting an interview. Using...

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What I like about the Canon EOS M50? - Craving Tech (press release) (blog)

Canon EOS M50 Review ā€“ I finally get a chance to review the Canon EOS M50 since the last preview article I wrote in March.

With lots of new cameras introduced in 2018 by various camera manufacturers, especially in the mirrorless camera line, no doubt that camera consumers and fans are looking forward to Canon for a surprise.

Canon EOS M50 is targeted for...

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Nikon D3500 - PCMag

  • Pros

    Compact. Affordable. 24MP resolution. 5fps continuous shooting. Automatic image transfer via Bluetooth. In-camera shooting guide for beginners.

  • Cons

    Fixed LCD omits touch support. Contrast-based live view focus not ideal for video. No mic input.

  • Bottom Line

    The Nikon D3500 debuts at a...

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