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Used versus new kit: What's best for you? - British Journal of Photography

Most students don’t start a photography course, or indeed leave one to face the real world, armed with the latest and best camera equipment. New bodies and lenses of the sort we want to use for work are usually beyond the budgets of students, graduates and those at the start of their career, and, in most cases, these photographers don’t need new kit at all. Cameras don’t take great pictures –... via www.bjp-online.com

Thomas Heaton Trades a 5D Mark IV DSLR for a Canon M5 Mirrorless Camera - Fstoppers

Thomas Heaton put out a new YouTube video a few days ago that many photographers, especially those who hike out to destinations, will have a lot of interest in. Heaton is downsizing not only the amount of equipment for his next landscape photography adventure, but he’s also trying out Canon’s APS-C mirrorless system that’s on loan from Canon. As we see in the video, he does have some...

via fstoppers.com

Glimpses of the South Pole sky through U of T astronomer's lens - [email protected]

The walk to work can be “slightly harrowing,” he says, since it’s bitterly cold and pitch black most winter days. But sometimes the auroras create a spectacular light show.

“You’re stumbling through the cold and the ice and your head is buried in layers and layers of jacket and hat and scarf, but every now and then you just have to stop and look up.”

The South... via www.utoronto.ca

Canon EOS 6D Mark II - PhotoReview.com.au

In summary

Like its predecessor, the 6D Mark II provides a more affordable entry into shooting with a 'full frame' DSLR than the 5D models, although with the price tag listed at AU$2599 in Canon Australia's online store it's not a cheap camera. It should suit traditionally-orientated photographers who want good imaging performance and a rich set of functions in a relatively compact...

via photoreview.com.au

A Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera May Arrive in 2018 with New Sensor - PetaPixel (blog)

It looks like Canon and Nikon are now racing to unleash a full frame mirrorless camera on the world of photography. Nikon has given numerous statements in recent days that seem to confirm its development of such a camera , and now more details are emerging of an upcoming Canon full-frame mirrorless camera as well.

Canon Rumors is hearing from a trusted source...

via petapixel.com

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