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Conman Norman Fowler, from Colchester, who fled to Spain after scamming victims out of £21k FINALLY admits his guilt - Gazette

AN online fraudster who scammed victims out of more than £21,000 and evaded justice by fleeing to Spain has finally admitted his guilt.

More than four years after the crimes took place, Norman Fowler admitted conning people into thinking they were buying high end cameras, laptops and Rolex watches, taking their cash and never sending the items.

Fowler, 38, had denied nine...

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A First Look at Canon's New Tilt-Shift Macro Lenses | Fstoppers - Fstoppers

Along with the new 85mm f/1.4L IS , Canon recently announced three new tilt-shift lenses with macro capabilities , an intriguing combination that should excite product, food, macro, and portrait photographers alike. Here's a first look at working with the lenses and some scenarios where their unique capabilities really come to the forefront.

Besides tilt-shift capabilities, what...

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Ikelite Releases Updated Housing for the Canon 5D Mark II - DivePhotoGuide.com

Ikelite has released an updated version of their housing for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, which remains a popular model despite the later iterations of the camera. The Mark II housing features all of the latest tech found in the company’s housing for the Mark III, IV, 5DS and 5DS R .

At the heart of the updated housing is Ikelite’s new Dry Lock (DL) port system, which is...

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Petesch: Smartphones eat away at the camera market with new improvements - Standard Online

Before the invention of the smartphone, digital cameras were used as the main way to take photos and store them for later. Now, with a camera in everyone’s pocket that not only takes photos but has a multitude of other uses, are professional-level cameras becoming a dying product for the average person?

Today, most smartphones cannot match the performance of a professional DSLR....

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Review of the Canon C200 Cinema Camera - Fstoppers

Canon's C200 has been on the radar for quite some time as an affordable cinema camera. This review shows if it's really worth buying it because of its advertised key features such as ability to shoot raw footage, dynamic range, build improvements from previous models, and others. The test has been performed by the guys from The Slanted Lens on a sunny day outside in the city. The reviewers...

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