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LockCircle X-OT CINE-MOD OTUS KIT - Newsshooter (blog)

As the Zeiss Otus ZF.2 lenses are Nikon mount (this is the only version that comes with a manual iris), LockCine uses a heavy duty stainless steel EF Mount that can also be interchanged with the original Nikon F Mount. This is a nice part of the modification as you can take the lens and then use it on either Canon EF or Nikon mount cameras, simply by changing over the mount. What you do...

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The Best Four Lenses for Food Photography - Fstoppers

Coming from Skyler Burt over at We Eat Together , Burt shares four lenses that he recommends for anyone looking to get into food photography. Do you need to get all four lenses? While Burt may carry these in his camera bag, you do not need to get all four. Burt goes through each lens along with why it’s one of his recommended lenses and how he uses it. If you have been shooting for some...

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First Art Series Macro Lens - Adorama

  • First true 1:1 Macro Art lens with stunning resolution and clarity
  • Focus-by-wire system for comfortable and precise focusing
  • Compatible with Sony E-mount cameras with full-frame sensors
  • Compatible with Canon Lens Aberration Correction
  • Compatible with SIGMA ELECTRONIC FLASH MACRO EM-140 DG (adapter required)
  • Compatible with SIGMA TELE...
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9 Tips for Shooting Photos in Dark Rides - Inside the Magic

Common concepts

While a decent DSLR comes in handy in really dark environments and quality lenses make taking low light images much easier, today’s smart phones can also produce good images.

1. No flash photography, please

On most smartphones, it is pretty easy to disable the automatic flash. Unless shooting something fairly close,...

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Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera Market 2018 Business Strategies: Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Pentax - Technical Progress

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera Statistical Surveying Report gives you a point by point thought regarding the significant players, applications, areas, industry Development, Opportunity, generation, divisions, Cost structure, Organization profile, and Determinations for the conjecture forecast frame 2018-2023 covering Mexico, Middle East, Russia, India, Canada, Southeast Asia, Africa,...

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