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Global Camera Lenses Market 2018 Share- Nikon, Fujifilm and Canon - satPRnews (press release)

Global Camera Lenses market 2018 research report is a solitary tool that gives an in-depth scrutiny of different Camera Lenses market insights, opportunities, collateral approaches and diplomatic ways of making strong determinations. The Camera Lenses market CAGR rate might increase by significant percent over the forecast period 2018-2023. The Camera Lenses market report also focuses on...

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Cannes 2018: Here Are the Cameras Used To Shoot 32 of This Year's Films - IndieWire

IndieWire reached out to the filmmakers with films premiering at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival to ask which cameras and lenses they used and, more importantly, why they were the right ones for their movies.

A few trends emerged. Once again, ARRI’s digital cameras reign supreme as the choice of international auteurs and their cinematographers. Meanwhile, 13 cinematograhers shot on...

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10 best compact cameras - The Independent

Your best camera is the one that's always with you. For most of us, that's the smartphone in our pocket. So, why would you buy a compact camera? Well, there are still plenty of good reasons.

First, optical zoom. Although there are smartphones which boast, or at least mimic, optical zoom, most phones offer digital zoom which merely crops into the middle of the frame so that when you...

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The Top 10: Best Canon Portrait Lens (2018) - Heavy.com

Shooting portraits on the EF mount can be as cheap as you want, or as expensive as you need. The great part about Canon’s lens selection is that there are options for shooters of all levels and use cases. You simply don’t have to spend a lot of money to take 100% professional portraits, but if you want to invest in a nice piece of glass (they hold their value longer than bodies), Canon has...

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How the 50-mm Lens Became 'Normal' - The Atlantic

It was the curved shape of the lens that led to its name being borrowed, in the late 17th century, from the Latin name of the lentil plant, lens culinaris . In French, another word for lens is objectif —suggesting truth and impartiality . While objectif had been used since the 17th century to describe the optical glass of scientific instruments like...

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