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Canon EOS M50 review: 4K mirrorless camera with smartphone features - Irish Times

When was the last time you used a compact camera? The humble point-and-shoot camera, once the staple of birthday parties, First Communions and weddings has been replaced for the most part by your smartphone. The leap in quality in your Android or iPhone has rendered the need for a separate camera almost obsolete.

But occasionally there are times when you would like to have a camera...

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Why Your Next Camera Should Be an Advanced Point-and-Shoot - ConsumerReports.org

It wasn’t all that long ago that most people owned a dedicated camera because, of course, who ever heard of taking photos with a phone? Today, 77 percent of the population owns a smartphone , and the camera quality has improved so much that it’s often all you need to get a really beautiful shot that’s worthy of sharing online or printing.

So why think about getting a “real” camera...

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10 reasons why your photos are blurry - TechRadar

Do you sometimes get blurred photos from your camera but don't know why? The chances are it's not the camera - it's you! Here are top ten tips for banishing blur from your photos for good.

1. Your shutter speed's too slow

The most common reason why photos aren't sharp is because of camera shake, with the entire image often suffering from a smear-like look. This is...

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What's in Your Kit? Fast, Reliable Zoom and Prime Lenses Were Supreme Choices For RBG's Cinéma Vérité Approach - MovieMaker Magazine (blog)

Having the opportunity to bear witness and document the big and the small moments of this amazing world we live in feeds my passion for the art of cinematography. I believe in dismantling barriers, opening doors, and revealing truth—and that only happens when we film intuitively, honestly and without inhibition.

The cinematographer’s journey is one that requires a compassionate...

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Behind the shot: Marc Aspland - The Times

I have lost count of the times my lens has been trained on Arsene Wenger during his 22-year stewardship of Arsenal. They stretch from those heady days at Highbury during the “Invincibles” season of 2003-04 to last week, when Athletico Madrid were guests at the Emirates Stadium.

For both Uefa Europa Cup and Champions League matches, the photographers are invited from the positions...

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