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Blade handles post and VR on Survivor SA - Screen Africa (press release) (blog)

Survivor is certainly one of the world’s most successful reality shows and this year M-Net has commissioned their sixth local version.

The previous season was produced back in 2013 with Survivor South Africa: Champions , filmed in Malaysia and featuring a change to the format by introducing ex Springbok captain, Corne Krige and Bafana Bafana footballer Mark Fish to...

via www.screenafrica.com

Panasonic EVA1 Gets 2.5 Firmware Update – SMOOTH Noise Reduction and More - cinema5D news

The Canon 24-105mm F/4 IS II USM lens is a very popular choice for users due to its versatility and price point, so this expanded compatibility will be very beneficial to those who have switched from a Canon camera to the Panasonic EVA1 .

“One Push AutoFocus support” is now supported with both Canon CN Compact Cine Servo Zoom lenses, in which the function button can be relocated...

via www.cinema5d.com

Someone attached a massive Canon lens to a Game Boy Camera, and it actually worked - Mashable

The Game Boy Camera isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think "high end."

The unusual peripheral, released in 1998, could be inserted into the Nintendo handheld's cartridge slot to give you a lo-fi digital camera capable of capturing a 128x112 black and white image. Now, a full 20 years later, someone's managed to make the thing work with a massive...

via mashable.com

Genius Photography Hacker Makes Adapter to Attach Giant Zoom ... - Gizmodo

When it was released 20 years ago, it didn’t matter that the Game Boy Camera took terrible, low-res, black and white images. It was a digital camera kids could buy for just $50, and the fun factor far outweighed the device’s technical limitations. Even today there’s still a rabid fanbase for it, including designer Bastiaan Ekeler , who managed to hack together a Canon EF lens mount adapter...

via gizmodo.com

Mad genius attaches telephoto lens to 20-year-old Game Boy Camera - CNET

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