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Best Point and Shoot Cameras (2018): Canon, Sony, Olympus ... - WIRED

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Photo by begemot_dn on Flickr
Smartphones may be the most popular picture-takers in the world, but dedicated cameras still have a ton of advantages. A pocketable point-and-shoot gives you features like optical zoom, better image stabilization, a bigger sensor for sharper photos, and way nicer dials and controls. If you love photography, get yourself a point-and-shoot camera. Don't wait for the next family outing or the... via www.wired.com

Digital Camera Market 2018 Leading Growth Drivers, Global Trends, Emerging Audience, Industry Segments, Sales ... - Digital Journal

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Digital Camera Market Research Report by Forecast to 2022

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Pune, India -- ( SBWIRE ) -- 08/07/2018 -- Digital Camera Market Overview:
A digital camera uses an electronic image sensor to create still photographs and record video. The optical system of a digital camera works like a film camera , in which a typical lens...

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The Ursa Mini Pro is a cinema camera beast, but an approachable one - Digital Trends

camera slr digital sigma dslr foveon sd14
Photo by Chi Bellami on Flickr

When Blackmagic Design announced the $5,995 Ursa Mini Pro last year, it promised to be the company’s most full-featured cinema camera yet. It took everything Blackmagic had learned from its relatively short history of camera development and put it into one device, combining a 4.6K Super35 sensor and a modular camera body that can be configured for a variety of roles. It’s a professional...

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The best lenses for photographers who use Nikon DSLR cameras - Times of India

canon ftb ql analog film camera 35mm fd lens 50mm f18 18 snow slr classic instructions notes depth field preview manual loading load winter zaphad1 creative commons
Photo by zaphad1 on Flickr
Nikon is one of the largest brands of DSLR cameras in the market right now, and that is quite evident from the increasing number of the brand’s users. With more and more people taking to photography, the importance of different kinds of lens is also increasing by leaps and bounds. After all, each of us specialises in a different kind of photography than the other, and how good each of us is... via timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Nikon's new 125x zoom camera has a lens that would be impossible on a DSLR - Popular Photography Magazine

nikon dslr d2h nikond2h
Photo by Florenz. on Flickr

The concept of “ zooming ” on a smartphone camera is mostly a lie. They often “zoom” by simply cropping the image to narrow the angle of view or adding an extra camera module with a more telephoto lens to handle the longer shots. Both methods come with downsides in terms of usability and image quality. Dedicated camera makers like Nikon know this, and the company’s latest long-lens camera...

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