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HEX DSLR Backpack Review - Camera Jabber (press release) (blog)

The aptly named DSLR Backpack is the flagship bag in HEX’s camera backpack range, and promises the perfect balance of space and ruggedness one needs to carry a complete set of gear on one’s back for a long period of time.

The HEX DSLR Backpack is constructed of Nylon with a water-resistant coating, along with water-repellant zippers to keep your gear safe during long shoots in...

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Never forget these seven travel gadgets - Texarkana Gazette

Traveling brings challenges both maddening and mundane: fees for overweight suitcases, tight fits in overhead bins, lost luggage and ever-shifting security policies. Fortunately, gadget makers have your back, inventing all kinds of new devices that may bail you out on a trip and still fit in a carry-on suitcase.

After reviewing the best of what's new, we've chosen seven time-saving...

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For that lopsided look, add an SLR lens to a smartphone with this accessory - Digital Trends

Smartphone lenses expand the usual fixed-zoom built-in lens to cover more views — but what about turning those SLR or mirrorless lenses you already own into a smartphone accessory? That’s the idea behind the Cinematics International Company Limited’s new DOF smartphone adapter that allows photographers and filmmakers to pair nearly any lens with a smartphone.

No Film School spotted...

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Through the lens: Far and wide - Stockton Record

When you purchase a DSLR camera, it usually comes with what’s known as a “kit” lens because it comes bundled as a part of a kit that probably includes things like a memory card, some filters, a spare battery and a camera bag.

It tends to be a zoom lens that goes from a wide angle to a mild telephoto. Most people think that a wide angle is used only for an overall scene and...

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Tech Review: Canon's M50: the 'M' may as well stand for 'meh' - Independent.ie

Mirrorless cameras are starting to blow traditional DSLRs away among ordinary people who want high-quality cameras without the bulkiness involved. And both Canon and Nikon are now playing catchup to brands such as Sony, Fuji and Panasonic, which have all prioritised mirrorless models (and better quality lenses to fit them) for several years.

It's a capable, neat little camera with...

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