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How I Shot the Falcon 9 Rocket Launch from an Airline Cockpit - PetaPixel (blog)

“Oakland Center are you talking to that traffic at our 9 o’clock position? We got a yellow light out there and it’s coming up pretty fast.” This unusual radio transmission to Air Traffic Control from a Southwest Airlines jet caught our attention on an otherwise routine flight between New Orleans and San Francisco.

It was the edge of night and we were cruising at 38,000...

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Still not sure what mirrorless cameras are? Here's how they compare to DSLRs - Business Insider UK

DSLR cameras have been at the forefront of photo technology for two decades now.

But a newer kind of photo gadget is starting to challenge DSLRs for the lead — mirrorless cameras.

You might not know exactly what they are, but you've probably heard of them, because they're hot in the photo world right now. Whether you should buy one or not, though, depends on your needs as a...

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Sky Watch: Want to take cool photos of the heavens? Get out your smartphone - TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

My first love, as it has been for over 50 years, is visual astronomy, but about 10 years ago, I added the dimension of astrophotography, thanks to the advent of better astronomical digital cameras and innovated adapted optics. Visual astronomy has limitations, of course, but a camera can accumulate and store more light, which can bring out more detail and the color of whatever you’re...

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Rs 45 lakh worth gold, cameras, lens seized at Chennai airport - The New Indian Express

CHENNAI: Customs officials foiled a bid to smuggle gold and digital SLR cameras worth Rs 9.35 lakh by a man who flew into the city from Dubai on Saturday morning. Syed Ismail, 27, who disembarked from FlyDubai Airlines, was intercepted at the exit of the arrival hall on suspicion. A body-search yielded a gold cut bit weighing 50 grams and 317 grams of rubbery spread.

The gold...

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Best Nikon camera - TechRadar

Camera heavyweight Nikon changed tack in recent years, choosing to focus more on its enthusiast and professional offerings and a little less on the novice side of the market.

Because of this, its previous 1 system of mirrorless cameras has now been discontinued and its compact line has shrunk to a fraction of its former size. It still very much has a number of solutions for...

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