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Astrophotography tools: the best camera, lenses and gear for shooting the night sky - Digital Camera World

Do you need a full-frame camera to take images of the night sky? No, you don't. Crop-sensor cameras work well enough for astrophotography beginners – and are absolutely fine for photographing nightscapes and the Northern Lights. However, at some point most photographers want that one thing that only a full-frame sensor can properly capture: the Milky Way. With a 26.2MP Dual Pixel...

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DSLR camera deals of the day: Huge savings on Nikon and Canon - DigitalSpy.com

While many smartphones are capable of producing some incredibly detailed and professional looking pictures , you simply can't replace a good DSLR to snap the perfect photo.

Who needs a camera phone when you can take stunning pictures with a professional camera, eh?

Luckily, you can snag yourself some bargains on a number of Digital SLR cameras from some of the best...

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Bitplay's unique mount brings new lenses, filters to Android and iPhone - Digital Trends

Bitplay’s popular lenses can now work with Android phones — and most any smartphone, for that matter. Bitplay recently launched the new universal lens clip, AllClip , alongside a new macro lens and two new M52 lens filters. The change brings Bitplay lenses and filters to a wider range of compatible devices while introducing a unique lens clip design that doesn’t block some of the smartphone...

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The Best DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras of 2018 - PCMag AU (blog)

Putting Smartphones to Shame

If you're feeling limited by what your point-and-shoot can do, there are plenty of reasons to consider an interchangable lens camera (ILC), whether it be a traditional DSLR or a more modern mirrorless model. These advanced shooters feature larger image sensors, superior optics, robust manual controls, faster performance, and the versatility of...

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Can the Huawei P20 Pro really replace a digital SLR? - Digital Arts Online

Photographer Tigz Rice spent a few days on the Amalfi coast in Italy to discover if the leading phone for photography can match up to her usual travel companion of choice, the Fuji X100T camera.

When it comes to cameras, I have one on me at all times. My Canon 5D Mk4 is my go to camera for work, my Fuji X100T is my travel companion and, in all other scenarios, I...

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