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Digital Camera Market 2018 Global Trends, Sales, Supply, Demand, Analysis and Profits by Forecast to 2022 - Digital Journal

Market Highlights:

The makers of digital cameras have a major challenge as sale of smartphone is continue to boom and frame digital camera market particularly fixed lens digital cameras. The shortfall of innovation has meant that customers are no longer inspired to buy new models. Makers are looking out for the next big thing in digital cameras, despite the market...

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She thought it was a goner, but the camera came back — the very next decade - CBC.ca

A decade after her digital camera was stolen from her apartment in downtown Winnipeg — and after she'd twice replaced the DSLR — Kristin Westdal got a surprise knock on her door.

It was a police officer and he had her camera.

  • Winnipeg woman gives eggnog and gingersnaps to burglar
  • Decades-old neon sign stolen from family business was 'part of the...
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How the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera changes the game of mobile photography - Mashable

Even for a gadget nerd and camera enthusiast like myself, I’m hesitant to say that the S9’s camera and its variable aperture will be a feature we’ll see on other smartphones.

Don't get me wrong — it’s wonderful Samsung is pushing the limits of mobile photography with a new type of image sensor on the S9, and as a result users will be able to take photos with next-level clarity.

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Is the most exciting feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9 nothing more than a gimmick? - Firstpost

There are only a handful of phones every year that really manage to catch our interest and hold it for longer than a few days. Among those devices is the Galaxy S9, which Samsung only recently launched in India .

The S9, Samsung’s flagship smartphone till the Note 9 comes out — most likely in September, is a very special phone . It’s virtually...

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These inexpensive add-on lenses make the Pixel 2's camera even better - Android Central

Over the years, the picture quality from phone cameras has begun to rival that of even the most capable and expensive point-and-shoot cameras. With a bit of tweaking, one can even be fooled into thinking that a beautiful landscape, or intimate portrait, quickly captured on a phone, was taken using a DSLR.

But dedicated cameras still have one major advantage: replaceable lenses....

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