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What is variable aperture? A feature as old as film finally comes to smartphones - Digital Trends

Samsung calls the camera on the new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus “the revolutionary camera that adapts like a human eye” because of a new feature called dual aperture, a form of variable aperture. But what exactly is a variable aperture, and why is it revolutionary?

The variable aperture is “revolutionary” in that the feature has never been included on a smartphone camera before —...

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These Photos Might Just Help You Decide Whether You Should Ditch Your ~Fancy~ Camera - BuzzFeed News

If you're like me, you love a good photo but can't be bothered taking a gigantic camera on vacation.

Ever since phone cameras became a thing, I stopped lugging around the pro-gear and settled for the reliable, but average, results that a tiny camera can give.

So when the iPhone introduced the portrait feature in the 7 Plus iteration, I was intrigued to see the results.


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How variable aperture works in the Galaxy S9 camera - CNET

, Samsung added another tool to its photography arsenal: a variable aperture. This means pictures taken with both phones should look sharper, have less image noise and handle extreme lighting situations better.

The aperture of a lens determines the amount of light that a camera sensor receives. When my dad taught me how to take photos with a film camera, he told me to think of aperture like...

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FAA Symposium – Ford suggests a drone identification system using flashing lights - Drone DJ

Use flashing lights to code a drone’s ID

Ford’s approach is a much simpler one than DJI’s Aeroscope solution but comes with its own set of caveats. Instead of tapping into the radio communication between a drone and its pilot as DJI is proposing, the car manufacturer suggests using the flashing anti-collision lights to signal the drone’s identification number, such as the FAA...

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11 Outdoor Photography Tips for Shooting with Your Smartphone - Adorama

) enhances your iPhone’s camera functions while providing you with an firm (and more familiar) camera grip. It offers more control over the shooting behavior, with up to five user-friendly control buttons and advanced pre-set modes like manual, shutter priority, and ISO priority aside from the usual auto, portrait, sport, landscape, macro, and video. It also has a dedicated selfie mode and... via www.adorama.com

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