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FUJIFILM X-T3 on DJI Ronin-S – My Setup Reviewed - cinema5D news

EDIT: Atomos just responded to my support ticket in a most helpful way and are working with me to narrow down the problem. Everything points to the fact that despite me using HDMI 2.0 cables they might be too slow or poorly shielded to handle the 10Bit data stream from the FUJIFILM X-T3 .

I will keep you posted on any...

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I Set Up a Sting Operation and Caught the Thief Who Stole My Camera - PetaPixel (blog)

The Burglary

Upon our arrival in the small town of 90,000 we were visiting on a warm Friday evening, my friend Tyrone and I stopped at a restaurant for some beers and a burger. We are from a big, relatively safe city nearby, so we thought nothing of leaving all our things that we’d traveled with inside the trusty black SUV that Tyrone drives. It’s got an alarm, it’s parked right...

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Photography news: Best spot for fall photos, new firmware from Fuji and Nikon - Digital Trends

Afraid of missing out on the latest photo industry news while you’re out, well, actually taking pictures? Photography News of the Week is all the news you might have missed this week, published on the weekends. Alongside the biggest stories of the week, like the availability of the new Nikon Z6 , Google Pixel night Sight , and the launch of ON1 Photo RAW 2019 , find briefs on the latest...

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12 Gifts for People Who Love Photography - Artsy

Photographers are notoriously hard to find gifts for—they can be fastidious about which gear to buy, and very specific when it comes to the images they enjoy. But whether you’re shopping for a working photographer or someone who just loves to view and collect the medium, we hope you’ll find something special and meaningful below. (The prices listed do not reflect Black Friday or Cyber Monday... via www.artsy.net

Top 10 Best Fuji Lenses Black Friday Deals 2018 - TechnoStalls

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