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Some of the best PS4 games of all time are being discounted to $20 - BGR

gopro gopro3
Photo by talksrealfast on Flickr

Whether you just bought a PS4 after the excitement of E3 2018 or have owned one since launch day, there’s a good chance that you’ve missed out on some of the console’s best titles. Sony has done an incredible job with its first-party studios and recruiting third parties to bring games to its platform, meaning very few of us have the time or resources to play them all. Thankfully, many of...

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The astronauts took a selfie on the background of the Earth - The Siver Telegram

silveredition gopro hero3
Photo by PabloAsekas on Flickr

The pilots made the exclusive footage with the GoPro camera, which can be seen on the official NASA Instagram page.

Astronaut Ricky Arnold made a selfie during a spacewalk. His mission, along with other astronauts is the sixth this year and lasted about 6.5 hours. The camera lens caught the hand of the robot, an external device different devices and the Earth, which...

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Bruce Lee biographer offers insights into martial artist's life - NewsOK.com

Photo by Schill on Flickr

Even now, 45 years after his death, Bruce Lee somehow defines the martial arts genre of cinema. No one before him or since has captured the public's imagination in quite the same way.

Part of it was his unlikely physical presence. He was short and slender, seemingly harmless, but his small frame rippled with muscles most people don't even know exist, and his swaggering fearlessness...

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Vivitar: Not What it Used to Be - PCMag

camera diy plastic usb frame abs accessory 3dprinting gopro hero3
Photo by Pete Prodoehl on Flickr

Vivitar, a once storied camera brand known for quality flashes and third-party lenses, isn't what it used to be. The imprint is now owned by Sakar, a company that has built its reputation on low-cost products of questionable quality, manufactured to spec and imported from China. I'd like to say the action cameras it had on display at New York's CE Week event bucked that reputation, but...

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Start the week with this amusing video of a dog stealing a GoPro - Digital Trends

camera silver 4 hero pcb teardown gopro
Photo by eevblog on Flickr

Here’s a video that’s bound to banish any Monday-morning blues. It shows a dog running off with some poor fella’s GoPro action camera as the owner and several other pooches attempt to chase down the four-legged thief.

The amusing clip recently showed up online and quickly went viral.

The GoPro happened to be filming when the mischievous mutt grabbed it and ran off. The fun...

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