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Reflex aims to Kickstart film photography with a new old SLR - TechCrunch

Photo by Latente 囧 www.latente.it on Flickr

Mating digital photography with film seems to me an alluring yet ultimately quixotic endeavor; who doesn’t love the idea of a camera that combines the weight and handling of a 35mm SLR with the convenience and precision of a digital one? Yet it has never been done, and likely never will be. Reflex is the latest to try , though, with a brand new 35mm camera built for the modern,...

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Warframe Update 22.15.1 For PS4 Includes New Beam Weapons - PlayStation Universe

camera old vintage lens 1 europa exposure martin e soviet zenit manual russian sensor zenith helios 442 44m4 dvořáček nikon1v1 wwwmartindvoracekphotographytumblrcom
Photo by Martin Dvoracek CZ on Flickr

Warframe update 22.15.1 for PS4 is now available to download. Weighing in at 900mb, it’s a fairly substantial patch dubbed the ‘Shrine of the Eidolon’.

The release notes of Warframe update 22.15.1 introduce all the changes, including new beam weapons. Get set for the final batch of TennoGen Round 11 items, new skins and tons of tweaks.

There’s also been some...

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Manual Focus Lenses for Video: Which Work Best for You and Why? - Fstoppers

charity e zenit harrogate 58mm f28 bargain oxfam helios 442
Photo by david anderson : da-photography on Flickr

I love manual focus lenses, mostly because of the tactile grip on the lens and the clicks of the aperture that envelops you thinking about its mechanics and what it's doing for you to get the shot you want. I've mostly used an old Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens which is similar to an 85mm on my X-T20 . It's great for portraits. I've always thought that you'd need some super skill to shoot video with...

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Why Courtney B. Vance Chose a Chevy Bolt Over a Tesla - WSJ - Wall Street Journal

vintage olympus m42 zenit helios m39 e400 russianoptics
Photo by mfrissen on Flickr

I love big biographies, like “Grant,” Ron Chernow’s new 1,100-pager, and Walter Isaacson’s great book on Leonardo da Vinci. I take two or three years to go through ‘em, but I read three or four at a time. I like to go back and forth between Audible and my Kindle app, where I take notes and underline things.

I like to travel simply with a small Bric’s Bellagio carry-on spinner...

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How to Get STF-Style Bokeh Without a $1000+ STF Lens - PetaPixel (blog)

camera lens stacked kiev4 helios103 combinezp
Photo by StefanKoeder on Flickr

The solution I came up with can do the same thing as an APD filter (with some limitations, of course).

The Variable Aperture Approach

I realized that the lens diaphragm can mimic the mechanism of an APD filter if the aperture blades are allowed to open up or close down while the sensor is being exposed. That means the bokeh that I get in the final image will be the...

via petapixel.com

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