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Dell G7 15 (7588) review: A six-core gaming laptop that won't break the bank - PCWorld

Photo by Latente 囧 www.latente.it on Flickr

The Dell G7 15 is a mid-size gaming laptop with middle-of-the-road GTX 1060 Max-Q graphics, middling battery life, and—you guessed it—a mid-range price tag of $1,200. But this system boasts a stellar feature that sets it apart from the crowd: a six-core, benchmark-crushing Core i7 processor that’ll thrill content creators. Indeed, the G7 15’s overall performance is only a step or two behind...

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Zenit and Leica Present Joint Production Camera - NBC Right Now

camera old vintage lens 1 europa exposure martin e soviet zenit manual russian sensor zenith helios 442 44m4 dvořáček nikon1v1 wwwmartindvoracekphotographytumblrcom
Photo by Martin Dvoracek CZ on Flickr
/PRNewswire/ --

Krasnogorsky Zavod, manufacture r of the Russian brand Zenit , in cooperation with Leica Camera AG, German manufacture r of premium cameras and optics, designed a new digital rangefinder camera Zenit M. T he Shvabe Holding, part of Rostec , has presented this product at...

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This $900 smartphone with five camera lenses proves that more is actually better - Business Insider India

charity e zenit harrogate 58mm f28 bargain oxfam helios 442
Photo by david anderson : da-photography on Flickr

If a company wants to release a smartphone towards the end of the year, it had better have something special to stand out among the slew of new smartphones that are typically announced in October.

This month we're expecting new devices from OnePlus and Google, two phone makers that consistently put out superb devices that are nearly impossible to beat. If the wise are looking for a...

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Light is building a smartphone with five to nine cameras - TechCrunch

vintage olympus m42 zenit helios m39 e400 russianoptics
Photo by mfrissen on Flickr
the company behind the wild L16 camera, is building a smartphone equipped with multiple cameras. According to The Washington Post , the company is prototyping a smartphone with five to nine cameras that’s capable of capturing a 64 megapixel shot.

The entire package is not much thicker than an iPhone X, the Post reports. The additional sensors are said to increase the phone’s low-light...

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Moment lenses — the DSLR killer? - TechCrunch

camera lens stacked kiev4 helios103 combinezp
Photo by StefanKoeder on Flickr

I travel with a Canon DSLR and two primes, a 35mm f1.4 and an 85mm f1.2 (endearingly nicknamed, “the fat kid”). Switching lenses is cumbersome and not ideal in certain environments, like a Saigon street market, densely crowded with vendors, tourists and thieves.

After lugging this camera kit through six countries last year, I upgraded my iPhone to the X in hopes of replacing the...

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