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Mathieu Stern tries out the very rare Helios-65 and captures swirly, unusual bokeh - imaging resource

Photo by Latente 囧 www.latente.it on Flickr

Photographer Mathieu Stern is well-known for his videos showcasing odd and unusual lenses. His new video is about a particularly rare lens, the Prototype Helios-65. This lens was produced in Kiev in 1965 and it features an unusual mount, for which there is no commercially-available adapter.

Stern acquired the lens and found a way to 3D print an adapter for it. A similar lens, the...

via www.imaging-resource.com

Best camera-phones under Rs 20000 (May 2018) - The Indian Express

camera old vintage lens 1 europa exposure martin e soviet zenit manual russian sensor zenith helios 442 44m4 dvořáček nikon1v1 wwwmartindvoracekphotographytumblrcom
Photo by Martin Dvoracek CZ on Flickr

Smartphone cameras have evolved tremendously over the past few years. Even the smartphones in the budget segment are now capable of taking some striking shots with good colour reproduction and details. In the last two years, we witnessed a good bunch of smartphones in the sub-Rs 20,000 price range offering decent performance and good image quality. With good camera being a primary demand...

via indianexpress.com

The ultimate guide to mountain photography - Digital Camera World

charity e zenit harrogate 58mm f28 bargain oxfam helios 442
Photo by david anderson : da-photography on Flickr

However, that shot is a good example of how important a foreground subject is. Others could include animals, trees, churches, a lake that reflects the mountains… something that adds interest and creates a sense of depth. For a sense of scale, include people in the shot; mountains may look vast to you, but in a photo, they often lose their majesty.

How to take photos of mountains:...

via www.digitalcameraworld.com

The glove - Hatch Magazine

vintage olympus m42 zenit helios m39 e400 russianoptics
Photo by mfrissen on Flickr

I know exactly—sort of—when I lost the glove. I was standing there on the back deck of a bass boat, freezing my ass off and trying to keep sleet off my camera lens, while my boat driver droned on endlessly about that goddamned fried chicken.

He was a local weekend tournament angler who was being paid to drive me around the lake. He was also an assistant manager at a Publix grocery...

via www.hatchmag.com

Huawei Nova 3i vs Oppo F7 vs Vivo V9: Price in India, Specifications, Features Comparison - MySmartPrice Gear

camera lens stacked kiev4 helios103 combinezp
Photo by StefanKoeder on Flickr

Here is where the Huawei Nova 3i begins to shine. The octa-core Kirin 710 SoC powering the Nova 3i crushes the Oppo F7’s MediaTek Helios P60 and the Vivo V9’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 626. The Kirin 710 offers inbuilt support for Huawei’s AI engine, something that is lacking in the other two devices. The Nova 3i also gets a slight edge here because of the Kirin SoCs being developed in-house by...

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