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Global Single Lens Reflex Camera Market (2018 – 23)- Sigma, Panasonic, Leica and Canon - Perfect Observer (press release) (blog)

camera leica lens t photography 710
Photo by Erik Schepers on Flickr

The “Global Single Lens Reflex Camera Market Growth Analysis 2018 – 2023” report contains a detailed assessment of various growth parameters of the single lens reflex camera market, that provides an accurate prediction on the way in which the market will grow throughout 2018-2028. The single lens reflex camera report functions as a comprehensive repository consisting of all of the things...

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Why You'll Never Find a Camera That's Been to the Moon on eBay - PetaPixel (blog)

leica camara antiguedad
Photo by Appleando on Flickr

Astronaut Wally Schirra had been using a Hasselblad 500c for his personal photography and suggested medium format to the NASA managers in charge of photographic equipment. NASA engineers modified the camera for space – removing excess weight, modifying the controls to accommodate space suits, and commissioning a custom back to hold more film. The results were so satisfying that NASA...

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Huawei and Leica's monochrome lens is dead, so we celebrate its life - Digital Trends

leica leicam leicam4p m4p photography film filmcamera professionalphotography mmount leicammount rangefinder analoguephotography
Photo by wolf4max on Flickr

Despite dabbling with the mode on the Huawei P9, this was the start of my love affair with the Huawei’s monochrome camera.

Since then, a Huawei camera phone with a monochrome lens has accompanied me on many trips, and my favorites pictures taken are often those taken in black and white. In China, it captured the super modern buildings in stark detail, while the neon in Las Vegas...

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Huawei Throws Down The Gauntlet With New Mate 20 Devices - Forbes

leica m5
Photo by *Photography by Mike* on Flickr
announced its new Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro at an eagerly-awaited event in London this past week. A lot of the excitement around the Mate 20 line of devices can be attributed to Huawei’s new Kirin 980 processor—the first Android SoC with 7nm and ARM’s new powerful A76 CPU cores. After the release of the P20 Pro earlier this year, people were also eager to see what Huawei would do with the next... via www.forbes.com

Global Optical Lenses Market 2018 – Leica Camera, Kowa, Celestron, ML Optic - TheFinanceFeed

Photo by tom706 on Flickr

Global Optical Lenses Market 2018-2025 report delivers a comprehensive research based study of the market along with the market share, forecast data, in-depth analysis, and detailed overview of the Optical Lenses industry with respect to global market. The Optical Lenses market report further emphasizes on driver and restraint factors in the global and regional level. For...

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