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Lensbaby Sweet 80 Brings Selective Focus to a Portrait Focal ... - Digital Trends

Photo by Justin Mathews on Flickr

Lensbaby today unveiled its newest creative effects lens, the Sweet 80. Like the Sweet 35 and Sweet 50 before it, the Lensbaby Sweet 80 mounts to a camera via the Composer Pro II optic swap system. The lens focuses on a single “sweet spot” within the frame, and can be tilted in any direction by up to 15 degrees to move the focus point. Stopping down the aperture increases the size of the...

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Lensbaby optics get up close and personal with new $50 macro filter kit - Digital Trends

Photo by bertk212 on Flickr

The characteristic bokeh and unique look of LensBaby optics is gaining new features. On Thursday, January 11, Lensbaby announced the 46mm macro filter kit . The Lensbaby macro kit allows several lenses in the lineup to get closer shots, expanding the capability of several existing optics.

The macro filter kit includes three filters, each with a different magnification level,...

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Lensbaby Burnside 35 is a totally cool, ambitious lens - CNET - CNET

camera canada man glass lensbaby canon eos 1 store hands nikon edmonton photographer control action double freak alberta adapter f28 vi optic ft1 60d
Photo by Kurayba on Flickr
is about AU$580 and £420, so I expect the Burnside to cost close to those.

The Twist series distorts the defocused areas of the photo, giving them a swirly look; that's in addition to the traditional Lensbaby effect of exaggerating the blur in out-of-focus areas, producing a a tilt-shift-like result (typically dubbed "miniature" when it's produced digitally as a filter). The wider the...

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Lensbaby Sweet 80 review - Digital Trends

lensbaby lens a100 lensbaby2 d80
Photo by takuhitofujita on Flickr

One of the key characteristics of the best portrait lenses is their ability to achieve shallow depth of field . Many modern lenses are engineered to be tack sharp even when shot at their widest apertures, so using shallow depth of field to separate your subject from the background doesn’t carry the same sharpness penalty it once did (never mind the fact that most of the photos we look at...

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Lensbaby announces Burnside 35mm f/2.8 lens featuring dual apertures and swirling bokeh - imaging resource

lensbaby nikon d sony 28mm shift micro adapter 60mm tilt f28 ais tiltshift kipon nikon28mmf28ais nikonmicro60mmf28d nex5c nex7
Photo by andrewXu on Flickr

Announced last week and releasing next week, the new Lensbaby Burnside 35mm f/2.8 lens continues the company's tradition of creating distinct and unusual optics. The full-frame lens employs a double-aperture design, which allows for extensive control over focus and bokeh quality.

The lens is designed to deliver high central sharpness but a lot of swirling bokeh and pronounced...

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