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Camera sales plunge 28% in January 2018. Blame the smartphone? - Stark Insider

nikon coffeeshop filmcamera oldcamera
Photo by SALoOM♔ on Flickr

January turned out to be a tough month for camera sales. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and all the rest are likely reeling a bit from this bit of troubling news.

A report out of Japan suggests sales for the digital still camera (DSC) segment fell 28% y/y . CIPA’s data show that total shipments for January 2018 were just 1,340,492 units vs. 1,867,875 units for the same...

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Sony Predicts Canon and Nikon Full-Frame Mirrorless Are Coming Soon, Canon Confirms It's 'On the Offensive' - Fstoppers

nikon lenses
Photo by Linus BK on Flickr

DPReview recently sat down with Kenji Tanaka , Senior General Manager of the Digital Imaging Business Group at Sony, during which he predicted that by CP+ 2019 (likely held in early March), both Canon and Nikon will have entered the full-frame mirrorless market. As I write this, both companies are likely trying to address the issue of flange distance and if this means they'll have to...

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Winging It - Lincoln Journal Star

umbrella lens nikon nef nikkor strobe lenses lightroom strobist nikkor1755mmf28g sb700 d5100 nikkor35mmf18g bobmical
Photo by BobMical on Flickr

Birds move considerably faster than an average human walks, which can be stopped by a shutter speed of 1/125 second with a “normal” lens. Also, taking into consideration that any camera shake and/or hand shake is greatly magnified with longer focal lengths and will greatly affect image sharpness, this requires some forethought. With these two thoughts in mind, suppose we are using a zoom...

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Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera Market – Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Samsung ... - First News 24

sepia nikon focus jon retro sharp 1978 stacking fe 175 211 explored zoomnikkor baglo schioldborg
Photo by JonBaglo on Flickr

Global Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera market analyzes the current and future prospects of the Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera market worldwide. The stakeholders of this report include companies engaged in production and marketing of Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera systems across the globe. This report encompasses an elaborate executive summary, with a market snapshot that provides...

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What happened to the digital camera? Is it already obsolete? - AMEinfo

november nikon 2008
Photo by WxMom on Flickr

Man and camera go a long way, together capturing history’s best and worst, cataloging time and change.

From tripod still photos, to instant and now digital photography, picture taking has made leaps and bounds and allowed us to show even the sadness hidden behind smiles, the pride in some parent’s eyes, and the future awaiting in a kid’s doodles and colorful drawings.


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    The camera will go on to succeed the existing D5500 when it launches in India by the end of this month. Nikon hasn't revealed any retail pricing as of now but we expect it to be around the Rs. 60,000 mark, with the kit lens. The camera will be sold in

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