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What Nikon F to Sony E Adapter Is the Best Choice? - Fstoppers

Switching from one camera manufacturer to another is always a pain because of all the lenses accumulated that must be replaced. It can be difficult to sell them, and it's not rare to lose a bit of money along the way. With the mirrorless systems, what's great is the possibility of using adapters to keep the glass from our current system. Many Canon users have had a smooth transition by...

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Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G - PCMag

In the old days, 35mm film cameras would often be bundled with an inexpensive, but bright, 50mm prime lens. Today your typical APS-C SLR comes with an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom instead, a lens that's absolutely adequate for outdoor photography, but struggles in dim light and doesn't give you the ability to blur the background behind your subject with as much aplomb as wide aperture lenses. For DX... via www.pcmag.com

Camera Lens Extension Tube Market Outlook along with Marketing Strategy Analysis including Distributors/Traders ... - Expert Consulting

Camera Lens Extension Tube Market Report offers a comprehensive study including companies products, applications and Forecast 2013 to 2023 of Camera Lens Extension Tube industry. Camera Lens Extension Tube Market report also provides market status at the readers attitude, delivering specific market facts and business insights.

The report also sorts the Camera...

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$140 off a Nikon camera bundle and other good deals happening today - Popular Science

Syma, a FPV (first-person view) quadcopter drone from Tenergy is available for $70 , down from $130. The drone can fly for about 10 minutes and is controllable up to 230 feet away. Your smartphone fits on top of the remote control and lets you watch live aerial footage from the drone’s built-in 720p camera. It can perform a 360-degree flip stunt and has a hands-off auto-hovering mode. It...

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Tech review: Sony knocks Canon and Nikon off perches with A7 ... - Independent.ie

It is also a massive step up from its predecessor, the A7 Mark ii, to the extent that the two cameras are barely comparable anymore.

Sony has basically taken the vast majority of cutting edge features from its top-end professional cameras and crammed them into a device that is much more cost-friendly to enthusiasts and many professional users.

In fact, other than studio work...

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