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Photographer Knocked to the Ground After Running Onto Field Following Game-Winning Touchdown - Fstoppers

And the moment did not go unnoticed by Twitter users either, who took to the social media site to post clips of the incident, accompanied by comments like “RIP to that cameraman” and “I hope that cameraman got a good shot.” There’s no official word on any injuries sustained, but from the clip, it looks like the photographer lived to see another day. Let’s hope the same can be said for the...

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The best wide-angle lenses for Nikon DSLRs in January 2018 - TechRadar

Wide angle lenses are the most prefered camera accessory for photographers exploring vast landscapes and architecture. Camera makers usually bundle lenses with widest focal length if 28mm or 24mm in some cases, which is not enough in most cases.

While these basic set of lenses turn out to be sheer a disappointment in most cases, the wide angle lenses offer more than just a practical...

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Unshakable Rangefinding: Meet the Nikon Monarch 3000 Stabilized - GearJunkie

Because shots are not always flat, Nikon builds in compensation that reads the angle and automatically adjusts to tell the range of a horizontal shot. No more shooting over your target on steep uphill or downhill shots.

The reading of the OLED distance is available in an automatic or five selectable brightness levels for maximum contrast against most targets and backgrounds.

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Protecting Your Camera Gear After Shooting in the Cold - Fstoppers

Baby it’s cold outside, just look at that ice beard! Only in Northern Michigan would you find someone actually surfing in this kind of cold. But, that’s what a Marquette local, Daniel Schetter or “Surfer Dan,” does. On Christmas day, Photographer Devon Hains ventured out into the cold to photograph Schetter out on Lake Superior. If you’re thinking at all about venturing out in the cold...

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2018 camera tech trends and predictions - Digital Trends

New year, new gear — so, what does camera technology have in store for us in 2018? Features like 4K video, wireless connectivity, and high megapixel counts are now the norm, while traditional point-and-shoots have differentiated into just three categories — superzoom, large-sensor compact, or waterproof — with smartphones accounting for the larger part of the casual photography market. In...

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