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Nikon aims to cash in on growing mirrorless camera market - gulfnews.com

“We were not strong in the video segment as a company when compared to Sony and Canon, but now we are very aggressive in the video segment with 10-bit video. In still photography, Nikon is still number one, but lost the ground in the video segment to others. Now, we are going to fight in the video segment and gain more market share,” Menon said.


GulfNews.com is...

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Camera Lenses | Global market 2018-2023 analysis (Major Players:ZEISS, Nikon, Volk Optical ) and more… - BusiNef

Global Camera Lenses market report covers information on applications,types and its regional as well as historical and future opportunities and challenges.

This Report gives you in-detailed data for business strategies,Growth prospects and historical and futuristic revenue and costs by analyzing data of various big companies and organizations in Camera Lenses ...

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Some Tamron Lenses Don't Work with the Nikon Z Camera - PhotographyBLOG (blog)

Tamron have announced that some of their lenses do not work on the new Nikon Z mirrorless camera. The company has discovered issues that affect some of their Di/Di II series lenses when mounted on the Nikon Z7 with the FTZ Nikon Mount Adapter. Tamron haven't yet disclosed which lenses are affected.

Tamron Notice

Notice about compatibility for Nikon Z7 with Tamron...

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Nikon Coolpix P1000 review - Digital Camera World

Our Verdict

The P1000 is a loveable beast and an optical marvel, but it’s difficult to recommend. Max zoom is rarely required in real world shooting, and the optic necessitates a small sensor with underwhelming image quality. Even so, if you’re going on safari and can’t carry - or stretch to - a super-telephoto DSLR set-up, the P1000 may just be worth the money.


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Capturing a Touchdown: My Hail Mary Camera - Fstoppers

In football, a Hail Mary is a long shot play often used as a last ditch effort. Calling it a Hail Mary pass comes from Roger Staubach in the 1975 NFC Championship game. With under 30 seconds left, Staubach threw a 50-yard pass to receiver Drew Pearson. Asked about the pass after the game, Staubach famously said: "I just closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary."

Likewise, this...

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