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Battle of the 85mm Glass: Which Canon Lens Is Right for You? - Fstoppers

As long as you have plenty of time to focus the 1.2 is very nice. Try sports or anything with quickly moving action and it is a waste of money. Autofocus on it is slow. Can't keep up with basketball players, wrestlers going across the mat - not much of anything that requires quick focus.
As for the f/1.4 version being a complement to the f/1.2? Why would you have both?

I have...

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Through the Lens: Canada — Photographer Maria Koutsogiannis (@ foodbymaria) - Adorama

Success is as fresh for Maria Koutsogiannis as the meals she prepares and shares with her 154,000 followers on Instagram. With her @foodbymaria account, website, and an impending cookbook, the healthy living advocate only invested in developing her photography skills three years ago when, as she confesses to Adorama, she “realized how [compelling imagery] would change my business and the...

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Galaxy S9 Camera: Why is Samsung's dual aperture camera so special? - TrustedReviews

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera: What is the S9’s ‘Dual Aperture’ camera all about?

Conventional wisdom in phones says the wider a camera’s aperture lens, the better. The Galaxy S5 had an f/2.4 lens, the Galaxy S6 f/1.9, the S7 f/1.7. Ten years ago phones raced towards higher megapixel counts. In the last few years they’ve aimed for better low-light performance.

However, the...

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Canon's newest camera solves one of the biggest problems with standalone cameras in the age of smartphones - Markets Insider

  • Canon just released the M50, its newest mirrorless camera (and the first one to shoot video in 4K) with a number of user-friendly features.
  • One of those features lets users stream photos directly to their phones without prompting the transfer or relying on a WiFi network.
  • This new feature is Canon's attempt to make standalone...
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Canon, king in SLR cameras, makes inroads into mirrorless - Nikkei Asian Review

The company boasts a commanding share of the global single-lens reflex market but was reluctant to enter the mirrorless field over concerns about cannibalizing SLR sales.

Canon said Monday that it will release an entry-level mirrorless camera next month. The product is positioned as "a strategic model" for mirrorless cameras, according to Masahiro Sakata, president of Canon group...

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