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Ten New Photographers Named To The Nikon USA Ambassador Program - PR Newswire (press release)

/PRNewswire/ -- Today, Nikon Inc. announced the addition of ten new visual artists representing a diverse variety of disciplines to the prestigious Nikon Ambassador Program. These exceptional individuals share in Nikon's commitment to advancing the imaging industry through innovation, education and pushing the boundaries of creativity, all while making significant contributions to the field of... via www.prnewswire.com

London as you've never seen it before in the world's first gigapixel time-lapse - Evening Standard

Never before has a panorama been taken with such minute detail but it is a fantastic representation of how incredible London looks when it changes from day to night.

Here’s how this incredible image was made

A total of 6,240 photos were taken across a 155 degree view over 24 hours and stitched together to create the image.

Another special fact, is that it was...

via www.standard.co.uk

Nikon Confirms Their Mirrorless Camera Is Coming by Spring 2019 ... - Fstoppers

In the interview , Nikon Executive Kimito Uemura directly confirms that "development is underway, and [they] expect to bring one to market by spring next year." It's likely that Canon is on some sort of similar timeline, as both companies have acknowledged the inroads Sony has made both in development and market success. The question on everyone's minds regarding both Nikon's and Canon's...

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What Nikon F to Sony E Adapter Is the Best Choice? - Fstoppers

Switching from one camera manufacturer to another is always a pain because of all the lenses accumulated that must be replaced. It can be difficult to sell them, and it's not rare to lose a bit of money along the way. With the mirrorless systems, what's great is the possibility of using adapters to keep the glass from our current system. Many Canon users have had a smooth transition by...

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Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G - PCMag

In the old days, 35mm film cameras would often be bundled with an inexpensive, but bright, 50mm prime lens. Today your typical APS-C SLR comes with an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom instead, a lens that's absolutely adequate for outdoor photography, but struggles in dim light and doesn't give you the ability to blur the background behind your subject with as much aplomb as wide aperture lenses. For DX... via www.pcmag.com

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