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Nikon to Shutter Its Sales in Brazil - PetaPixel - PetaPixel (blog)

A week after announcing the closure of its camera factory in China due to the rise of smartphone cameras, Nikon has just announced that it’s shuttering its sales operations in Brazil.

In an announcement on its Brazilian website , Nikon says it will end the sale of cameras, lenses, and accessories for the Brazilian market, something that was being done exclusively through...

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How to Read a Camera Lens - Lifehacker

When it comes to purchasing a lens for your digital camera, the sheer number of options, specifications, acronyms, and features is enough to make anyone throw up their hands in frustration and resort to simply using their smartphone. But dedicated cameras are still worth it , and produce high-quality photos that smartphone cameras just can’t match with their minuscule sensors. Once you know...

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Canon Versus Nikon: An Overview to Help You Decide Which to Buy - Fstoppers

Trying to decide between Canon and Nikon may seem like a no-brainer for many professionals with years of experience. For the most part, when a professional picks a certain camera manufacturer it's for the long term and they rarely switch. Previously the cost and time required to make the transition from one to another was simply not worth it, especially considering the fact that the...

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Nikon lens and Olympus camera kit deals: Save up to $700 with ... - imaging resource

As we approach the annual Black Friday sales, B&H has new special savings on select Nikon lenses and Olympus cameras and camera kits.

Nikon Lens Savings: Save up to $200 on Nikon lenses

For Nikon lens deals, you can save between $100 and $200 on seven Nikon lenses (two of which are sold together in a kit). The lenses include both DX and FX lenses and you can order them...

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Best Nikon Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for 2017: Black Friday Dealer Publishes List of Top Deals - GlobeNewswire (press release)

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deal review experts at Black Friday Dealer are comparing the best Nikon camera Black Friday deals. The best value deals for shoppers this year are:

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