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22 Common photography problems (and how to fix them) - TechRadar

nikon dslr d5000 nikonaddicted nikonadicted
Photo by xpressx on Flickr

Common photography problems can really take the enjoyment out of taking pictures. As one of the more technical pastimes you can pursue, it can be pretty confusing at times.

Whether you're just starting out or have been taking pictures for a while, chances are you keep encountering the same nagging problem. Don't worry though - you're not alone and this is where we come in.


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This odd-looking accessory converts traditional film cameras into instant film - Digital Trends

camera nikon coolpix p7000
Photo by Rob124 on Flickr

Traditional film cameras are easy to find secondhand to use as a learning tool or for the film atheistic — but what if you don’t want to actually develop the film? The Instant Magny 35 converts 135 SLR and rangefinder cameras to instant film and back again, allowing photographers to shoot both 135 mm and Fujifilm Instax Square from the same camera body.

The Instant Magny 35 uses...

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Best Portrait Cameras Under $1000: Shooting in everyday light - imaging resource

50mm se nikon nikkor dslr fx d3 12mp nikond3 f18g
Photo by niXerKG on Flickr

Page 1: Shooting portraits in everyday light

By Dave Pardue, William Brawley and Dave Etchells
Posted: 06/15/2018

So you have an important event coming up, like a graduation ceremony, and you very much want to come home with great photos of the graduate. Or, perhaps you're heading to a big family function and want a few great shots of your loved...

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The best DSLR cameras - WBRC FOX6 News - WBRC.com

nikon nikkor dslr fx d3 f3545 35105mm 12mp nikond3
Photo by niXerKG on Flickr

If you’re looking to take your photography game to the next level, you’ve probably considered making the jump from your smartphone or point-and-shoot to a DSLR. Due to the ability to switch out lenses and adjust every setting imaginable, digital single-lens-reflex cameras, more simply referred to as DSLRs, are the tool of choice for new and seasoned photographers alike. Once reserved almost...

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How to take spectacular fireworks photos - KING5.com

camera nikon dslr d5100
Photo by m01229 on Flickr

Getting a good angle on the fireworks display is key. High-flying blasts can be tricky to capture at ground-level, so look for someplace high above the action.

2. Plan to stay put

Plan on staking out your spot and sticking around for a few hours before the fireworks. Be sure to pack food, water, and a blanket or sweatshirt for when the sun goes down. Many...

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