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The End of Medium Format's Reign: My Journey With Phase One - Fstoppers

nikon cameras f3 filmphotography filmcameras
Photo by Jim Grey on Flickr

For many years the real king of detail, sharpness, color, and DOF has been a 16-bit medium format system, such as Phase One. The larger the film (or sensor) the better the quality has been. Naturally, with my quest for maximum quality in every way, the path led me to medium format. Along with an obsession to be like Joey L for a longer period of time than I care to admit, it only seemed...

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Head-To-Head Review: Nikon (NINOY) vs. Bemis (BMS) - StockNewsTimes

film nikon 2013 n5005
Photo by Biker Jun on Flickr

Nikon pays an annual dividend of $0.07 per share and has a dividend yield of 0.4%. Bemis pays an annual dividend of $1.24 per share and has a dividend yield of 2.8%. Nikon pays out 6.0% of its earnings in the form of a dividend. Bemis pays out 51.9% of its earnings in the form of a dividend. Both companies have healthy payout ratios and should be able to cover their dividend...

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Best camera 2018: The best compact, CSC and digital SLR cameras from £199 - Expert Reviews

leica canon nikon filmcamera nikonf2 leicaflex professionalphotography leicaflexsl2 canonf1 mechanicalcamera analoguephotography leicaflexsl2mot motordrivecamera
Photo by wolf4max on Flickr

Buying a camera can be a daunting process, with a huge range of different shapes, sizes, specs and features to look out for. In this guide you'll find everything from hulking semi-pro DSLRs to pocketable compacts, and while some of the cameras here are getting on a bit, that doesn't mean you should discount them completely – older models are even more likely to be available for bargain...

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MTI Film Provides Some Spark for Indie Thriller “How the Light Gets In” - SHOOT Online

camera light black film analog studio 50mm nikon body flash gimp f2 nikkor 18 softbox tabletop metz afs 235 cameraporn d610 strobist darktable onikkor af48n
Photo by whatStefanSees on Flickr

MTI film recently provided a package of post-production services for How the Light Gets In , a cerebral crime drama about a New York City detective, under investigation for his involvement in a suspicious shooting. The independent film marks the feature directorial debut for Steven Fierberg, ASC, well known for his work as a cinematographer on such shows as The Affair...

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Best point-and-shoot cameras 2018: The five best cameras from £329 to £900 - Expert Reviews

camera black reflection classic analog nikon minolta details retro filmcamera waterdrops lowkey xgm d7100 piotrszczepankiewicz
Photo by spiterek on Flickr

If you believed the hype, you’d think compact cameras were dead, killed off by smartphone cameras and ever-cheaper DSLRs. In fact, they’re alive and well, and there are plenty of reasons to choose one. They’re smaller than mirrorless or DSLR cameras, yet offer far better image quality than most smartphones. Many of them also pack powerful zoom lenses – something you won’t find on your...

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