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The Imminent Death of Micro Four-Thirds - Fstoppers

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Photo by Jim Grey on Flickr

Micro four-thirds is a sensor size with which companies like Panasonic and Olympus have developed a number of very popular cameras. The most popular being the GH series of cameras, namely the Panasonic GH5 . Recently, Panasonic opted to develop a full frame camera system and many including myself feel that the days of micro four-thirds are now numbered.

In his latest video, popular...

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The state of the art - Lincoln Journal Star

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2018 has seen some of the most wonderful and significant changes in the world of photography in the past decade. From the reintroduction of silver-based film to the major camera brands offering mirrorless, interchangeable lens cameras, to super telephoto lenses one-third the weight of traditional long lenses at half the length, photography is evolving!

Adobe’s Photoshop CC, long the...

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Nikon Takes on Sony With Its First Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera - Osburn Oracle

leica canon nikon filmcamera nikonf2 leicaflex professionalphotography leicaflexsl2 canonf1 mechanicalcamera analoguephotography leicaflexsl2mot motordrivecamera
Photo by wolf4max on Flickr

unveiled its first full-frame mirrorless cameras, seeking to make up lost ground against in the professional photography market.

The new Nikon Z7 and Z6 devices will feature new lenses and lens mount, and will be lighter than the current pro-grade cameras, the company said.

The JPY 440,000 ($4,000) Z7, which will have a 45.7 megapixel sensor, will go on sale in late...

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Jordan- Can a zoom camera lens be too big? - MENAFN.COM

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Photo by whatStefanSees on Flickr

(MENAFN - Jordan Times) Back in 2015, I reviewed a Nikon camera called the Coolpix P900, which is a 'bridge camera'.

I was not familiar with the term then, but I am now. A bridge camera is a bridge between a point-and-shoot camera and a DSLR, or digital single-lens reflex camera.

Back then, I thought the P900 was a pretty darn good camera with a lens that had an 83x optical zoom,... via menafn.com

Head to Head Comparison: Intertape Polymer Group (ITPOF) versus NIKON Corp/ADR (NINOY) - Marea Informative (blog)

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Intertape Polymer Group Company Profile

Intertape Polymer Group Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates in the packaging industry in Canada, the United States, and internationally. It develops, manufactures, and sells various paper and film based pressure sensitive and water activated tapes, polyethylene and specialized polyolefin films, woven coated fabrics, and complementary...

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