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In search of the green flash - San Diego Reader

“Do you want to shoot [the green flash] with me this evening at Sunset Cliffs at Froude Street, at around 5:45 pm.”

We’ve been messaging back and forth since the previous week about capturing the elusive green flash occurrence during sunset: he’s caught about 12 in the last two years since he started photographing.

I parked alongside Sunset Cliffs Boulevard on the opposite...

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The Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4 Lens Is on Its Way in 2019 [Rumor] - Fstoppers

I would say that this is a matter of personal opinion. When I owned my Leica, people would constantly tell me how Leica rendition was "clinical" and "boring" and how Zeiss lenses had more "warmth" and "character". A bunch of BS buzzwords if you ask me. Look at the results from each and shoot what you like. That's the beauty of having options.

I have both the 55mm and 85mm, so I...

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Is the Autofocus on the Nikon Z7 a Disaster? - Fstoppers

Back in August, Tony and Chelsea Northrup explained that their experience with a pre-production model of the Z7 triggered some alarm bells. "They promised me my D850 in a mirrorless form, and that was not my experience," explained Chelsea, referring to her inability to use the autofocus to track Tony walking towards her. They acknowledged that this was not the final product and that the...

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When Opportunity Meets Experience: A Once in a Lifetime Photo - Fstoppers

James Neiss has been photographing air shows on and off for over 30 years. His job working for the Niagara Gazette newspaper, located in Niagara Falls, New York, puts him in the right place at the right time for a number of amazing photo opportunities. Being a true shutterbug, Neiss puts his all into getting the shot and has a loyal local following who enjoy his artistic work as well as his... via fstoppers.com

Film review: Kodak EKTACHROME E100 – shot at EI 100, 200, 400 + 800 first impressions - EMULSIVE film.photography (press release) (blog)

The images below form part of an extended set of reviews, which will cover EKTACHROME E100 shot at EI 100, EI 200, 400 and 800, as well as cross processing (XPRO) and XPRO + push processing. In short, I have a lot to be getting on with. The four rolls covered here were made up of some EKTACHROME I purchased myself and some sent to me by the lovely folks at Kodak Alaris – cheers guys.

... via emulsive.org

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