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Why Don't We Use Field of View? - Fstoppers

Most photographers are familiar with the meaning of focal length and maximum aperture, and their impact upon the photographs they take and make. Focal length determines how much we can see in an image, whether it is wide angle, normal, or zoom. And we’ve become familiar with a "normal" nifty-fifty, street photography at 35mm, going wide at 24mm and shorter, the flattering effects of a...

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Student Artist Profile: Meredith Jacobs - The Montclarion

Q: How would you define yourself as an artist?

A: I would define myself as an artist trying to connect with people’s isolation and emotion.

Q: What prompted you to start taking photos?

A: Mainly Instagram because a lot of my friends would ask me to take their photos. People would tell me I was very good at it, so I decided to actually go for...

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Introducing AutoCam360TM by Kessler: A Complete Solution for Automating Product Photography and Video for E ... - Consumer Electronics Net

Plymouth, IN, March 19, 2018 --( PR.com )-- Kessler, the leader in motion control and camera support systems for film, video and photography, today announced the launch of AutoCam360TM line of products and services. AutoCam360TM is a complete solution for automating product photography and video for e-commerce and commercial use with multiple hardware options, software, workflow and support...

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Nikon D850 Filmmaker's Kit - Adorama

I just got it today, very easy to access right out of the box, I did a time laps video for sun down in downtown and it's amazing especially the silent mode and the UHD video quality, the Bluetooth and the SnapBridge app work just fine, and interestingly as far as the phone close to the camera and the SnapBridge is on the phone was sending the location data to the camera, the focus shift...

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Nikon's New Filmmaker's Kit Is Going To Help You Make Your Movie ... - Resource Magazine

You’ve written your screenplay, you’ve taken classes on how to work with actors, and you’ve got a group of friends ready to do you a huge favor. You still have a ways to go, but choosing equipment to shoot your film with is a crucial decision. Maybe you want to rent, but maybe you’re starting a career in film and decide investing in your own camera is essential. The first obstacle one... via resourcemagonline.com

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