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Is 35mm Film Worthwhile for Landscape Photography? - Fstoppers

Coming to you from Steve O'Nions , this great video examines if it's worthwhile shooting 35mm film in landscape photography these days. You often see landscape photographers who still use film shooting on medium or large format cameras, both for the extra resolution and control (in the case of large format) that they provide, but doing so requires specialized equipment and a completely...

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Canon vs. Nikon vs. the Rest: Choosing the Right Camera System - PCMag UK (blog)

and have decided to go with one of the two big brands—Canon or Nikon. But we recommend considering some other options as well. You might find that another system is a better fit, or you could end up picking a camera from the big two. But you won't know what's best for you without first doing some research.

Mirrorless or SLR?

If you don't follow the camera market closely, your...

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Canon joins Sony, Nikon in mirrorless camera battle - TechCentral

Sony was the only option until now, but with Nikon and Canon now out, we’ll see this space become very active,” said Ichiro Michikoshi, an analyst at Tokyo-based BCN. “There’s a lot more buzz now, so maybe people who have forgotten about standalone cameras will take another look.”

Removing the mirror system in the EOS R reduces the distance between the lens and the image sensor....

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The Best Accessories for your Nikon D3400 - iMore (press release) (blog)

The Nikon D3400 is a fantastic camera for beginner photographers and has a lot to offer photo enthusiasts and while you may have spent a lot of time deciding on what lens to purchase for your D3400, did you ever stop to think about some of the other crucial gear you might need in your kit? There are a ton of accessories that can help you elevate your photos quality and help you to be...

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An eye for beauty: 'Dreams Come True' winner ready to share incredible adventure - Green Valley News

Lauren Hillquist likes to say “Giving is receiving,” and earlier this year he was on the receiving end of an incredible gift.

Now, with a grateful heart, he's giving.

Hillquist, who lives in Quail Creek with his wife, Barbara, was a recipient in December of La Posada's “Dreams Come True,” a partnership of the Posada Life Foundation and Posada Life Community Services.


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