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Everything you need to know about image stabilisation - Amateur Photographer

f14 cctv 25mm 接寫環
Photo by tenz1225 on Flickr

There are plenty of times when a tripod is essential – for instance, in order to keep the image acceptably sharp at very long exposures – but there are also times when a tripod becomes a burden, weighing you down and sapping your energy. There are also some situations, especially in busy cities, when using a tripod can attract unwanted attention and prevent you from getting the shot you...

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Panasonic's GH5 can now shoot widescreen 6K video - Engadget

cmountlens panasonicg1 cmounttest g1cmounttest g1machinevisiontest panasoniccmounttest panasonicg1cmounttest
Photo by D H Wright on Flickr

What Panasonic calls 6K (4,992 x 3,774 pixels) might seem like 5K, but that's not quite how it works. For 6K anamorphic, the GH5 actually reads out nearly its entire 20.3-megapixel sensor. The resulting 3:2, 18.9-megapixel images have the same number of pixels as 2:1 6K anamorphic (6,144 x 2,072). To shoot that way, you need an anamorphic lens, which squishes the widescreen image to 2:1,...

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The best point-and-shoot camera - Engadget

mir1b37mmf28 smcpentaxm50mmf17 industar50250mmf35 lenscollection helios44258mmf2 smcpentaxf50mmf17 smcpentaxda40mmf28limited smcpentaxda70mmf24limited smcpentaxk28mmf35 smcpentaxa35105mmf35 smcpentaxm100mmf28 smcpentaxda21mmf32allimited smcpentaxda35mmf28macrolimited smcpentaxda55300mmf458ed smcpentaxm75150mmf4 smcpentaxda15mmf4edallimited supermulticoatedtakumar135mmf35 lumixg14mmf25asph fujian25mmf14cctv
Photo by Thomas Ohlsson Photography on Flickr

Today's high-end compact cameras are defined by an ability to capture higher-quality images than your smartphone, combined with a design that's small enough for you to always carry around. They pair large sensors with wide-aperture zoom lenses and fit it all in a package that slips easily into a jacket or pants pocket. We specifically looked at models under the $1,000 mark, because models...

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Video Surveillance Camera Lenses - SecurityInformed (press release)

cosmicar cmountlens panasonicg1 cmounttest g1cmounttest g1machinevisiontest panasoniccmounttest panasonicg1cmounttest
Photo by D H Wright on Flickr

The Arecont Vision NVR offers the choice of 8 or 16 channel models (one channel = one camera sensor), each with built in PoE network switch, customer-replaceable hard drives, and Arecont Vision GUI interface. Smart Plug-and-Play technology simplifies setup with both Auto Discover and Auto Configuration. Camera licences are included for a complete all-in-one solution. A free mobile app is...

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Panasonic unifies sale force with integration of Video Insight video management system - SourceSecurity.com

sanfrancisco ca usa art television video closed avatar cctv mission circuit audio geo:city=sanfrancisco geo:country=usa geo:state=ca exif:make=panasonic camera:make=panasonic exif:aperture=ƒ63 exif:lens=lumixgvariopz1442f3556 exif:model=dmcgx7 camera:model=dmcgx7 exif:isospeed=200 exif:focallength=14mm geo:location=mission geo:lon=12241601562474 geo:lat=37769364172293
Photo by jay galvin on Flickr

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America has formally incorporated its Security Business Group into the company’s longstanding video surveillance systems business with the business of Video Insight, the video management system software and storage company that Panasonic acquired in 2015.

With a newly consolidated technical and operations campus in Houston, Texas,...

via www.sourcesecurity.com

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