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My GH5 is off for repairs, time to reflect - Newsshooter (blog)

The key features that I like on the GH5 are the codec. It’s 10 bit 4:2:2 holds up well in post. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also a broadcast accepted codec. I like that I can choose two flavors of 10-bit, All-I to long-GOP. Both work great but you probably will have to transcode the latter if your computer can’t handle the 4K long-GOP 10-bit compression.

The color is so much better...

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The Cheapest Package to Shoot 8K Video (Hint: It's Not Cheap) - Fstoppers

The infrastructure is getting better and better, and I’m not even taking computer monitors into account here. When Sharp had their first 8K TV back in 2015, you needed to use four HDMI 2.0 ports to feed video into it. In November of last year we saw HDMI 2.1’s release, which will allow for up to 10K video to be passed through at a rate of 48 Gbps (instead of 18 Gbps).

For about...

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How to Make a Large Format Video Camera, Plus Footage - cinema5D news

Rather than a setup using ground glass, Zev opted for matte white:

“My setup projects the image onto a matte white screen instead of a ground glass for two reasons – the availability of extremely matte materials means that the ‘hotspot’ issue is almost completely eliminated, and the folded optical path that my reflective setup uses cuts the overall size of the rig in...

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New Panasonic camcorders make 4K look brighter, thanks to better sensor and lens - Digital Trends

They also use 24mm Leica lenses with 24x optical zoom capabilities to extend the range — all the way out to a 600mm equivalent. On the 4K models, the lenses are designed to match that 4K detail with coatings to boost contrast while minimizing ghosting and flare. Design wise, the camcorders are also taking a rounder shape than before, although they have the familiar handheld camcorder design...

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CES 2018: DJI's new handheld gimbals announced. Ronin-S & updated Osmo Mobile 2 - Newsshooter (blog)

Erik is a multiple Emmy and Telly award winning visual journalist, with over 20 years experience in photojournalism, working newsrooms all over the USA.

The last decade has seen Erik migrate into broadcast television and filmmaking, where he has discovered a passion for visual storytelling and production.

Additionally Erik is an outstanding educator, teaching filmmaking via...

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